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DStv subscription fees to increase again
DStv subscription fees to increase again

MultiChoice has announced that DStv subscription fees will see another hike this year. Starting in April, expect to pay more. For nothing...

By Jason Snyman 2 days ago

Aleksandra Gosiewski
#DesignIndaba2018: The next generation of fashion is biology

New York-based Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and biomaterials research company AlgiKnit co-founder and COO Aleksandra Gosiewski gave a thought-provoking presentation at Design Indaba on Wednesday on why they, at AlgiKnit, believe that biology is the future of fashion and their revolutionary work in their search for a sustainable product...

By Jessica Tennant 2 days ago

A South African's guide to moving to and making it in Malta: The secret language of doors
A South African's guide to moving to and making it in Malta: The secret language of doors

To understand something about living in Malta, you need a little architectural history. Actually you need a lot of architectural history, but I'll go gently...

By Marcus 'The Maltese Falcon' Brewster 2 days ago

Location-based marketing, what is it and how to take advantage of this trend?
Location-based marketing, what is it and how to take advantage of this trend?

Location-based marketing has been around for a few years now and has been a much hyped-up trend especially with the advent of apps, but what is it exactly?...

By Lynette Hundermark 2 days ago

Team Robroy: Schroder, Shannon, Stansfield and Loureiro.
#LoeriesRanking with... Robroy Music

Independent music company Robroy Music's founder, Rob Schroder, lets us in on their successes on the award track and the intricacies of composing music and sound design for all formats of advertising...

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

Package and Product Design grand jury announced for NYF Advertising Awards
Package and Product Design grand jury announced for NYF Advertising Awards

The members of the 2018 Package and Product Design Live Session grand jury has been announced by the New York Festivals (NYF) International Advertising Awards...

2 days ago

Mashile on stage at Design Indaba 2018.
#DesignIndaba2018: Lebo Mashile on why she keeps coming back to gender and race in her poetry

Weaving her lyrical way through history, the ultimate lyrical female linguist, Lebo Mashile unpacked the power of design language...

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

Dr William Mapham.
Image © Christopher Larson/Scott Gorman.
#Designindaba2018: SA's crowd-sourced solution for a global problem

Dr William Mapham, an ophthalmologist hailing from the Eastern Cape, who conceived the Vula app, whilst working at the Vula Emehlo Eye Clinic in rural Swaziland and experiencing first-hand the difficulties faced by rural health workers in need of specialist advice, spoke on Day 2 of Design Indaba and received a standing ovation...

By Sue Disler 3 days ago

Images provided by Danilo Acquisto.
Why brands should focus on community building over the eye-balls approach

Danilo Acquisto writes that brands should build a YouTube presence now, to begin producing content that is relevant and consumable and to avoid the shotgun approach of gaining eyeballs alone...

By Danilo Acquisto 3 days ago

Johanna McDowell. Image provided.
Marketers to take digital in-house at unprecedented rate

Johanna McDowell writes that in 2018 more and more marketers will handle more and more digital marketing in-house...

By Johanna McDowell 3 days ago

History has a way of repeating itself, even in PR
History has a way of repeating itself, even in PR

Khangelani Dziba writes that there's currently a shift taking place that's influencing how we do marketing and PR...

By Khangelani Dziba 3 days ago

Confex industry stimulates business growth
Confex industry stimulates business growth

"Recent research by the National Convention Bureau shows that up to 60% of international delegates who have come to South Africa will come back within the next five years with their family - creating a ripple effect in the economy..."

3 days ago

Rob and Sam Paddock, co-founders of GetSmarter | Photographer: Terry Levin
#DesignIndaba2018: Getting smarter at partnering by design

Brothers and co-founders (or 'partners by design' as they call themselves) Sam and Rob Paddock, CEO and chief of strategic partnerships at GetSmarter addressed Design Indaba delegates yesterday on how partnering at the student level as well as the employee and executive level has not only increased their course completion rate but resulted in the turnaround of the business...

By Jessica Tennant 3 days ago

Cape Town Film Studios.
African influence on Hollywood films

How Africa is influencing Hollywood movies showcased on 'CNN Marketplace Africa'...

3 days ago

How 'brand you' came to be
How 'brand you' came to be

Dale Carnegie's line from his bestseller book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' rings especially true in the retail sector...

By Gary Mortimer 3 days ago

on Design Indaba set she built at Artscape, Cape Town South Africa by .
#DesignIndaba2018: Speaking in colours

While admiring the work of Edel Rodriguez and Morag Myerscough at Design Indaba 2018, Terry Levin contemplates if perhaps the value of any graphic design may be determined by how effective it is in influencing a desired outcome, provoking a specific mental or emotional response in the viewer...

By Terry Levin 3 days ago

Zach Lieberman, artist and educator - creative coder.
#DesignIndaba2018: Zach Lieberman's magical world

Academic, rockstar or DJ? This was one of the questions Sue Disler had for artist and educator - creative coder, Zachery Lieberman in her interview with him on Day 1 of Design Indaba 2018...

By Sue Disler 21 Feb 2018

Sunu Gonera. Filmaker. Storyteller.
#DesignIndaba2018: 'This is Africa's moment'

The Design Indaba stage was a cathartic moment for the first speaker of day one, Zimbabwean-born filmmaker, Sunu Gonera, who told that it was a "coming of age moment" for him to tell his own story to his peers and have it well received...

By Louise Marsland 21 Feb 2018

Is the methodology getting in the way?
Is the methodology getting in the way?

In a job of mining meaningful insights that truly grow brands, a certain level of intimacy in connecting with consumers is required...

By Mpho Mpofu 21 Feb 2018

Ross captions this: "Midget Friar Tuck and I enjoying a funeral in the jungle."
#BehindtheSelfie with... Matt Ross

This week, we go behind the selfie with technophile Matt Ross, chief creative officer at King James Digital...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Feb 2018

PoPI Act could kill more than just spam
PoPI Act could kill more than just spam

The long-awaited Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act regulations were published last year in September. They don't say much, but what they do say spells more than just sleepless nights for direct marketers...

By Elizabeth de Stadler 21 Feb 2018

Proposed copyright amendment bill to be discussed at Creative Industry Imbizo
Proposed copyright amendment bill to be discussed at Creative Industry Imbizo

South Africa's creative industries will be gathering at the University of Pretoria on Saturday, 24 February for the Creative Industry Imbizo where the practical effects of the proposed copyright amendment bill will be discussed...

21 Feb 2018

New winner selected for David Tlale reality show following dispute
New winner selected for David Tlale reality show following dispute

Following a dispute between fashion designer David Tlale and the original winner of his reality show The Intern, a young Limpopo designer has been announced as the new winner.

21 Feb 2018

#DesignIndaba2018: 'Best conference in the world'
#DesignIndaba2018: 'Best conference in the world'

The 23rd Design Indaba conference, taking place at the Artscape from 21 to 23 February 2018, kicked off with a reminder not to film proceedings and to keep phones on silent. Tweeting, Facebook check-ins and Instagram tagging were allowed - clearly, as it's all about sharing the inspiration...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Feb 2018

Sliced bread. © Pixabay.
The crossover between human sciences and marketing

Historically, academia and marketing have remained distinctly separate domains. But over time, marketing as a commercial discipline has increasingly made use of human sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology to inform market research and strategy...

By Claire Denham-Dyson 21 Feb 2018

Boniswa Pezisa, BBDO South Africa group CEO and Gau Narayanan, Net#work BBDO MD.
SA as a launchpad for talking to Africans in Africa

How South Africa can be used as a hub for growing into the rest of Africa, using South Africa as a launch pad for talking to Africans in Africa...

By Gau Narayanan 21 Feb 2018

Five Fingers for Marseilles.
Film screenings at the Design Indaba Festival 2018

A list of specially curated films that will be showcased at this year's Nightscape, at the Artscape in Cape Town, from 22-23 February 2018...

21 Feb 2018

Don't overlook consumers in Africa's rural areas
Don't overlook consumers in Africa's rural areas

Rural areas are arguably the most overlooked spaces in Africa, in terms of government services as well as corporate attention. It's a mistake to rule out rural spaces and consumers, especially in Africa. Global commerce is fiercely competitive, with business leaders and investors still waking to the vast potential of Africa's burgeoning consumer market. The continent, now home to more than 1.1 billion people, will account for one-fifth of the world's population by 2025...

By Ben Leo 20 Feb 2018

Screengrabs from the ads.
#OrchidsandOnions: Real appeal for real people is how Kia's Sportage rolls... but who let Sanral's strange Valentine's Day road map out in public?

Advertising has sometimes been described as the art of enticing people into buying things they don't need and they can't afford. In the car business, especially, it is often dreams which are being sold... sadly, those sort of dreams which can get people into big financial trouble eventually...

By Brendan Seery 20 Feb 2018

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