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Best of South Africa 2011 - bringing SA's best brands together

The Best of series publishing concept is a home-grown South African success story which now covers the globe, with these B2B coffee table books currently being published in over 45 countries from Australia to Chile, Kenya to Britain, Belgium to Egypt ... and beyond.
The series' mission is to serve as the world's premiere platform for showcasing and networking South Africa's top brands and companies in business, travel and lifestyle - as well as promoting our beautiful country in editorial format. This same format is followed in all the books internationally.

For the next couple of years this volume of the publishing series ... Volume 6 will be the last volume of Best of South Africa, which goes to print in November. The series continues next year as regional annual books starting with Best of KwaZulu-Natal, Best of the Cape and Best of Gauteng.

The publishing network and all its titles can be viewed and enjoyed as ebooks on the Global Village Encyclopedia at

click to enlarge's aim is to brand and build the image of the world's most exciting economic regions to affect a change in the perception of a nation, a city and its people by the rest of the world. This then promotes the region in terms of its investment opportunities, key industries, innovations, people, culture, tourism potential and international objectives.

To be part of this prestigious final publication that will be representing South Africa as part of our global series worldwide and spearheading new partnerships in more countries in Africa or for more information please contact Gia at .