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MTN still supports African journalism after 10 years

While maintaining its decade-long relationship with the Highway Africa Conference, which starts in Cape Town, South Africa today, Friday, 16 September 2011, MTN has reaffirmed its commitment to the advancement of journalism and the media in Africa.
Highway Africa, regarded as the largest annual gathering of African journalists on the continent, has brought together media and key ICT role players from across the continent in conversation on important issues and challenges facing Africa on key fronts of society for the past 15 years.

Attended by more than 500 journalists to focus on media's role in tackling the global sustainability challenge and seek ways to improve its understanding and coverage of climate change in Africa, the conference also serves as an opportunity for the interrogation of African journalism and media, and how they have framed issues such as climate change, food security and global sustainability.

Continued commitment

"We are very excited with the opportunity to be part of this crucial event for journalism and media on the continent. For MTN, Highway Africa doesn't only provide us with a platform to engage key pan-African journalists, but it's another way in which we reiterate our commitment to continue playing a leading role in the development of journalism and the media on the continent.

"The debates to be had at this year's Highway Africa Conference will provide content and invaluable reference material for African journalists to more accurately frame the sustainability story for African audiences in a bid to rally them behind the noble cause to save planet Earth," said MTN Corporate Affairs executive, Rich Mkhondo.

One of the issues on the agenda include, how African media can prepare adequately for the upcoming Unite Nations' Climate Change Summit in Durban later this year, and what platforms would be used to cover the event effectively.

Mkhondo said MTN was looking forward to taking an active role on debates around sustainability and innovation, as these were subjects that MTN was particularly passionate.

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