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Mining has a big multiplier effect on job creation

According to Africa desk coordinator at accounting, auditing and business advisory firm BDO Abel Myburgh, the mining sector has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in South Africa and the rest of Africa - provided governments, business and labour start to see eye-to-eye, BDLive reports.
Myburgh adds that, with the strife facing South Africa's mining industry, it is clear that the players are losing sight of the bigger picture, particularly the enormous job creation potential of mining.

International research has shown, Myburgh says, that mining has a big multiplier effect on job creation. For example, studies show that for each direct job created by the Yanacocha gold mine in Peru, 14 additional jobs were indirectly created. Mining companies employ about 3.7-million workers, with artisanal and small-scale mining employing another 25-million people. South Africa and a host of other African countries are heavily dependent on the industry as a foreign currency earner. In all of these countries, job creation through mining is of paramount importance.

Contrary to perceptions that mining pay and conditions are poor, Myburgh tells BDLive, the International Council on Mining and Metals says mining is a relatively attractive form of employment.

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