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Ilan Smith -he's pure magic

Ilan Smith, magician and illusionist, master of intrigue and wonder, invites you to his world of make believe.
Able to amaze, mystify and enrapture, he will release you from reality; suspend your disbelief and most importantly make you dream... It's time to start believing!

The show is called Imagine and will be on until 4 March 2012 (every evening except Fridays and Mondays).

Tickets: R160 per person

Venue: The Fringe at the Joburg Theatre Complex (the Old Civic Theatre)

Bookings on 0861 670 670 or book online on

"I don't sleep at night wondering how Ilan does it. I've seen him up close, he is absolutely brilliant!" John Robbie, Talk Radio 702.

You can also visit or follow him on Twitter on ilan_Smith or visit his Facebook page.