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Cape Town Tens

First things first, as a lady I don't understand rugby very well. I know that the ball goes through the poles and you can only throw backwards and that is the extent of it. However, I am all for learning and what better way than at the world's biggest Tens' tournament.
So, with my trusty rugby tutor tagging along and my learning cap on we went on over to Hamilton's Rugby Club and got into the mood with a Castle and a Spur burger. I had bribed my tutor with promises of promotion girls, wearing very little, wandering around, but ladies let me be the first to tell you that there is plenty for us to look at as well. So if rugby isn't your game, I promise that you can still pretend to be watching the game very, very closely.

Everything was incredibly well organised and there was never a long wait for food or beer (which is important, of course). aKing were amazing with their fabulous set and I will admit that they were on par with the rugby as a reason to be there. Although I wasn't there on Saturday, I have heard only good things (apart from a few and Good Luck won the fans' hearts the minute they stepped on stage).

I wish I could give more rugby details for the gentlemen, but in all honesty it was lost on me. The teams were hilarious with their names and outfits, and the support was incredible, but I just couldn't follow who was winning and who was playing like a "chop". I do know that the Spartans won the Bowl Finals, the False Bay Rugby Club won the Plate Finals and Maties won the Cup Finals. My advice for you for when you go next year is to go with a group of friends, regardless of whether you love or hate rugby it is a good time!

Well done to the organisers and to Castle who have had yet another successful Tens Tournament, I cannot wait to see what year six will hold for us. So if you missed it, put it in the diary for next year - it is honestly the social event of the year.

If you do want to know more you can see all of the scores at