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Stuffed strawberries

2013 started with a bang, that's for sure. I think the load on school-going children is more and more each year and, ultimately, the load on parents too as we drive the taxis that must get our children to their various events. So, putting it mildly, I am a wee bit weak in the knees already and we are in month two only. Luckily, I know that the children will soon settle into their routines and things can become less hectic.
So much has and is happening here in Nina's Kitchen and I am glad to say that the cooking school is in full swing, so do not hesitate to gather a few friends and make a booking. For corporate booking, birthday parties and training contact Nina on +27 (0)82 940 0301.

Six of the top 20

Food24 published their list of the 20 most popular dishes in 2012.I am glad to report that six of those recipes come from Nina's Kitchen.

Last year we were fortunate to win this competition for Best Local Food Blog of 2012 and, again, the Eat Out DStv Food Network Produce Awards is happening. If you like reading and visiting our website, please vote for it here.

Strawberries are on their way out, so to make the best of them while you still can and fill them with a fake-it-till-you-make-it cheesecake filling for a delicious treat that is a little less harmful on the hips.

Strawberries filled with cheese-less lime cheesecake
  • 20 to 25 big strawberries
  • 250 ml Orley Whip
  • ½ of a 379g tin of condensed milk
  • Zest and juice of one lime
  • Juice of one lemon


Take a very sharp paring knife and hull the strawberries and hollow them out even bigger. Be careful not to cut through the bottoms. Keep the strawberries in the fridge and mash up the hollowed out bits. Mix the condensed milk, juices and zest as well as the strawberries. Whip the Orley Whip until it forms stiff peaks and fold into the condensed milk mixture. Allow to set for a while. Spoon into a piping bag and fill the strawberries. Place the tops of the strawberries back on and serve.

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About Nina Timm

I am the owner and sole editor of the 2012 Eat Out Award-winning blog, My Easy Cooking. I cook, I style and I photograph every single day of my life. I run a cooking school for groups such as team building, birthday parties, friendship groups, domestic workers and children.