Nina Timm

Food editor, food stylist, photographer, chef and recipe developer at Nina's Kitchen
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


I am the owner and sole editor of the 2012 Eat Out Award-winning blog, My Easy Cooking. I cook, I style and I photograph every single day of my life. I run a cooking school for groups such as team building, birthday parties, friendship groups, domestic workers and children.
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Current employment

Owner of Nina's Kitchen Cooking School
Nina's Kitchen -
Present - Cape Town
I develop recipes, style and photograph food. Run a cooking school. Food writer Editor Motivational speaker


HOD Spesialized teaching
Year completed:1986
Education level:Honours
Institution:Stellenbosch University
Location:Stellenbosch, South Africa
#BizTrends2017: Back to our roots - eight food trends for 2017

Vegetable appreciation, chocolate for breakfast, tasty waste and pop-up restaurants - award-winning food blogger Nina Timm shares her top eight foodie trends for 2017.

By Nina Timm 12 Jan 2017

Labneh quiche for brunch

Brunch originated in England in the late 19th century and became popular in the United States in the 1930s. It is a combination of breakfast and lunch and it is my favourite way of entertaining.

By Nina Timm 19 Dec 2016

Christmas cherry chicken

Cherry season is in full bloom and I simply cannot resist buying a punnet every time I set foot into a shop. Not only are they very photogenic, but there is something so extravagant in sitting with a bowl of chilled cherries.

By Nina Timm 5 Dec 2016

Gin and Tonic Lollies to welcome summer

These gin and tonic lollies are perfect as palate cleansers in between courses or something to cool you down next to the pool.

By Nina Timm 25 Nov 2016

Pork rillettes for a summer feast

As consumers, we are bombarded with information about our food. One minute the focus is on preservatives and colourants, the next day or week, it is all about 'organically raised', 'free-range' and other buzzwords.

By Nina Timm 17 Nov 2016

Flop-proof Hot Milk Vanilla Sponge Cake

Hot Milk Vanilla Sponge Cake is, in my opinion, the best vanilla sponge to bake. It is basically flop-proof, which works for me.

By Nina Timm 28 Oct 2016

A smooth(ie) breakfast trend

Smoothie Bowls are such a breakfast trend at the moment and the health nuts are going crazy for them. Sites like Instagram, Buzzfeed and Pinterest are bursting with recipes and flavour combinations for smoothies.

By Nina Timm 25 Oct 2016

Banting Bobotie recipe

Often when we decide to change our diet or try and adopt a healthier eating plan, our food changes from fab to drab...

By Nina Timm 11 Oct 2016

Weekend warmers

The calendar says spring is here, but as I sit looking through my window, the rain is coming down in buckets. So, we are definitely in for a very cold weekend.

By Nina Timm 16 Sep 2016

Rooibos Tea Yogurt Cake

I grew up with rooibos tea and so did my children. There was always a pot of tea brewing, because unlike black tea, rooibos gets better and better the longer it boils, I think.

By Nina Timm 9 Sep 2016

A simple Philly Steak Sandwich recipe

Philly Steak Sandwiches are by no means something new. They have been around since the 1930s.

By Nina Timm 12 Aug 2016

Soup stories

What on earth can be better in this weather than to wrap your cold hands around a forgiving bowl of soup...?

By Nina Timm 15 Jul 2016

Quick weeknight supper

Pasta Puttanesca literally translated as 'spaghetti in the style of a prostitute' is most probably the quickest pasta you will ever make (well, maybe my Pesto Pasta is quicker).

By Nina Timm 21 Apr 2016

From farm style to Afro chic

Vetkoek with lamb is as South African as braaivleis and the beloved Madiba. I think we all grew up with warm, spongy vetkoek stuffed with just about anything.

By Nina Timm 30 Mar 2016

Beef Short Ribs with Pomegranate

Lately, beef short ribs are all the rage. Smokey BBQ beef short ribs are the new thing when having a braai and lamb shanks are happily replaced by beef short ribs cooked for hours in red wine with earthy mushrooms and pancetta lardons...

By Nina Timm 25 Feb 2016

Ice cream sandwiches for my Valentine

Ice cream sandwiches are my Cupid's arrow this Valentine! And ice cream sandwiches don't only have to be for your kids you know. The flavour possibilities are endless and you can try anything from chocolate and banoffee to lemon creams with Mojito ice cream for the grown-ups.

By Nina Timm 12 Feb 2016

Street food in your own kitchen

Beef koftas, most definitely is the street one food I cannot resist: the intoxicating aroma of the meat grilling and then topping it with cool, tangy tzatziki.

By Nina Timm 5 Feb 2016

Easy, peasy pie

My mum will do anything and no effort is spared to bring her family and, yes, sometimes complete strangers, together around her table. She taught me that nothing is too much effort, if you can do, bake or be something for someone, just do it!

By Nina Timm 1 Jul 2014

Easy, yet flavourful Bangers and Mash

Sausage and Mash (or Bangers and Mash) is a meal that features quite often in our household, but I try to give it a different twist every time.

By Nina Timm 17 Jun 2014

Combating the cold

This is the time of year when it seems that everybody has the sniffles and certainly in my family we have all had a turn with a cold or, even worse, the flu.

By Nina Timm 27 May 2014

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