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Fourth Cape Town Carnival to be held in March 2013

The fourth annual Cape Town Carnival is to be held on Saturday, 16 March, 2013, at the Fan Walk, Somerset Road, Green Point, and will feature colourful costumes, fun, vibrancy, dance, floats and music. The Stadium Forecourt hosts band performances and stalls in the afternoon and then the Carnival parade kicks off at 7pm, culminating in an after-party.
"We are very pleased and proud of what we have managed to achieve with the carnival in the last three years. With the addition of many live music troupes we will increase the vibe and bring the heartbeat of the nation in 2013," said Jay Douwes, CEO of the Cape Town Carnival.

The Cape Town Carnival is the result of many months of hard work by event production teams, costume designers, producers, float builders, choreographers and thousands of community members and volunteers, who all aim to bring the theme to life in a dazzling journey of the imagination.

The objectives of the Cape Town Carnival are multi-faceted: celebrating diversity, promoting social harmonisation, economic development and tourism and facilitating training and development, particularly among the young and broader community of Cape Town.

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