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Minnie and Johnson - maximum delight

The two cabaret artists, Emile Minnie and Godfrey Johnson, do a show that is an absolute delight. Kalk Bay Theatre is the ideal venue for this intimate show, which offers something for everyone.
Emile Minnie starts the show chatting to us as easily as if we were his friends and making us laugh. He accompanies himself on piano while singing French (Edith Piaff), Afrikaans (a couple of his own compositions) and English, while pointing out his facial expression for those who cannot see his fingers on the keyboard and "self-choreographed" hand movements. He is very funny.

Godfrey Johnson takes over for his set and, among others, performs a Brel number, which is only fitting as the Fleur du Cap winner for his Kissed by Brel show. He is a consummate pianist and performs with intensity. Emile Minnie joins him on clarinet and with both of them on stage the fun really gets going.

I loved the way it all came together

They don hats and striped jackets for a lovely, lively rendition of Putting On The Ritz. They tie up their shirts, roll up their pants, pull in their stomachs and stalk around with slit eyes for Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For A Hero. A Lady Gaga /Madonna medley (which proves that they use the same chords) is performed with sparkly red sunglasses and little fascinator hats that will not stay in place. They get us to join them in singing Those Were The Days and teach us backing vocals.

I loved the show for its range of music. I loved the show for Emile Minnie's ability to be hilarious. I loved the show for Godfrey Johnson's passionate performances. I loved the way it all came together and left me with a feel-good glow.

Minnie And Johnson will be performed at Kalk Bay Theatre from 28 November until 7 December.
Jenni Bessesen
Definitely agree
Posted on 4 Dec 2012 13:07