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Inventory Management and Stock Control: Optimising inventory management

Inventory Management and Stock Control will be taking place from the 14th to 15th March 2013 at Crowne Plaza, The Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. The event is organised by marcus evans by presenting an expert, Chabeli C. Ramakatane who is is the founder and CEO of Bareki Management Consulting - a Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting and Advisory Company.
Inventory Management and stock control play a critical role in assuring high levels of customer service and overall warehouse performance. Warehousing minimises the effects of supply chain inefficiencies; improves logistics accuracy and inventory management; and allows product accumulation, consolidation, and customisation while improving customer service.

Improving the effectiveness of inventory management has become a key issue for organisations today. It is no longer a matter of minimizing stock holding alone, but also of cost management, movement, and delivery times of that stock is effectively monitored so that requirements and expectations internally and externally are met.

The programme will offer hands on exercises in order to address all of the key elements necessary for planning, managing and improving the basic operations of a warehouse which is inventory management and stock control. The emphasis of the seminar is on practical, real world implementation of modern inventory management methods. More and more, the warehouse manager is expected to increase customer service, reduce inventories, increase productivity, handle more and more stock-keeping units and operate in shrinking spaces. This event is proudly supported by African Centre of Supply Chain, Logistic Update Africa, Supply Chain Brain and Bizcommunity.

Please contact Jascinta Ling at for more event information.