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Fiscus can't sustain e-toll uncertainty says Gordhan

The fiscus cannot sustain a prolonged period of uncertainty over the manner in which the R20bn cost of the Gauteng freeway would be funded by the South African National Road Agency (Sanral)‚ Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan said last week.
He appealed to motorists to "do the right thing" and pay the e-tolls‚ which are due to be implemented 30-days after the government has gazetted the new tariffs.

Addressing a joint meeting of Parliament's finance committees on the medium-term budget policy statement‚ Gordhan castigated the Opposition To Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) saying comments by its leader were "extremely irresponsible".

OUTA has threatened court action over government's decision to proceed with e-tolling but Gordhan said this would delay finalisation of the funding of the debt for months‚ and potentially several years, if the court process proceeded to the appeal court and even higher courts.

"That uncertainty cannot be allowed. We cannot, within this fiscal framework, provide backup for these sorts of propositions on a completely nebulous basis‚" Gordhan said.

"We cannot have this cloud hanging over our heads. We must start providing for the repayment that Sanral must make on this debt."

Gordhan said statistics derived from the gantries on the highway showed that people would not be paying more‚ on average‚ than R100 to R150 a month. He said inflated numbers were being put out to the public.

"We believe the public should not be discouraged from doing the right thing‚" Gordhan told MPs.


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Suck my Di@# Gordan, the right thing is for you to take a pay cut and get yourself up from your fat ass and make the transport department more efficient and accountable for their doings. The only "right thing" that i for one is going to do is use the road and not pay....... chase me around coz at this rate il be working totally for the state and be a penniless church mouse myself. stand together with me on this people, listen to the AA and not just be coerced into buying the E-tag piece of shit.
Posted on 6 Nov 2012 00:52
I thought when we voted, we were voting for a gvt who will protect our interest, 2 keep the nation safe from poverty and provide services 2 us. Hospitals schools, tax and rates of where we stay, roads etc. we contribute enough for medical aids, enough for schools, enough for yearly vehicle licences not mentionning more than enough 4 taxes. what else does this thing going to lead us to? I now feel so bad just to be a South African.
Posted on 27 Nov 2012 15:14