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Eskom's R49m energy consumption reduction drive gathers momentum

According to Fin24, Eskom chief executive Brian Dames said in Johannesburg on Monday seventy companies have pledged to reduce their energy consumption. He added it was important that companies reduced their electricity consumption because its production relied heavily on coal.
"If we can save energy, it has a direct impact on saving coal emissions," Dames said.

The R49m campaign, launched in March last year, aims to involve all South Africans in helping to save energy. Organisations that have already signed the pledge include MTN, Standard Bank, AngloGold Ashanti, MassMart and the National Union of Mineworkers. Construction materials company AfriSam's chief executive, Stephan Olivier, who signed the R49m pledge, says that the pledge "is an endorsement of (AfriSam's) efforts and commitment... to improve the electrical energy efficiency of our various operations and thus reduce consumption."

According to Eskom's website, "we can make a massive difference by simply making small changes in our everyday life." The R49m campaign also called on individuals to reduce their electricity consumption by 10%, Fin24 reports.

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