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Mandela birthday coins increase in value

9 May 2012 14:06
With the sale of an uncirculated specimen of the rare R5 Mandela 90th birthday coin, in the grade of MS-69, for R2.5 million and the sale of a proof 70 at R275 000, proof Mandela birthday coins are projected to increase in value.
According to Mark T. Andersen of SA Coins, the demand for any investment linked to Nelson Mandela has a ready-made market both in South Africa and internationally. The company is projecting that proof 70 birthday Mandela coins will sell for R500 000 at the end of the year and for R1 million by the end of 2013, with the proof 69 birthday Mandela coins selling at R100 000 by the end of 2012.

The company adds that these coins are internationally acknowledged as being the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world.

It is therefore of benefit to investors and collectors to invest in the mint state and proof rare R5 90th birthday rare Mandela coins, as they have a recent massive foundation of over 140 000 graded units in just three years.

There are only 5000 of these coins, as opposed to 5 million of the mint state coins. There have already been graded by PCGS, NGC and ANACS over 3914 of these specimens. This means that there are very few of these coins left to be graded, which means that few coins will enter the marketplace, placing a very large amount of demand and pressure on a small amount of coins. In proof 70 there are only 58, in proof 69 there are 1 964 and 996 in proof 68.

The coins that are offering the greatest opportunity for profit in the marketplace this year are the proof 70th birthday Mandela coins and also the proof 69th birthday Mandela coins. It is also very important to note that no tax is paid on the profits made from any of the R5 Mandela coins.

Complete set

Long-term investors and collectors will be trying to form a complete R5 Mandela set, containing a single example of one of each of the Mandela coins struck, in both proof and uncirculated or mint state.

The eight coins are:
  1. mint state R5 1994 Inauguration coin
  2. proof R5 1994 coin
  3. mint state R5 Mandela presidential 2000 coin
  4. proof R5 Mandela 2000 coin
  5. 90th birthday R5 Mandela mint state coin
  6. proof 90th birthday R5 Mandela coin
  7. mint state R5 90th anniversary Reserve Bank commemorative
  8. proof 5 90th anniversary Reserve Bank commemorative.
Complete sets of any coins are known to sell for up to 50% above the price possible for the coins if they were sold separately.

The market for these coins has and continues to grow and expand at a faster pace than any other rare coins in the world. These coins are not only the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world they are also the fastest expanding in the world in terms of the numbers of investors and collectors that are globally added to this market every single month.
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Savy Moodley
Can you tell me what is the value of the mint state coins. I have a few of the R 5.00 Mandela coins in mint condition
Posted on 10 May 2012 10:33