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GlossyBox, Stuttafords team up for June delivery

Following the successful partnership between GlossyBox UK and Harrods, GlossyBox South Africa is proud to announce the partnership between it and Stuttafords, launching in June 2012.
"We've taken a mix of well branded upmarket products and combined them, to offer a product that will be packed with samples and include something special for the men in our subscriber's lives," says Sonja Ballenden, CEO and co-founder of GlossyBox South Africa.

"Though the products are usually marketed individually, the new Stuttafords box gives subscribers the opportunity to receive some unique products from a specific retailer, so they'll know exactly where to go for those essential products that they cannot do without.

"GlossyBox is the luxury monthly cosmetics package that gives women the opportunity to try new and different cosmetics products from cosmetic and fragrance brands, in the time and comfort of their own home. It makes life that much easier by selecting products made up to your specific beauty profile requirements and then delivers the package directly to your door.

"It is the perfect fit for Stuttafords, as a high-end luxury product with leading brand name beauty samples. It's also an excellent opportunity to let our clientele know of some of the existing and new beauty products we stock that they may not be aware of," says Liz Ferrett, group executive for cosmetics and marketing at Stuttafords.

"For only R130, including courier delivery, you may want to consider buying two or three, as we doubt you'll see another offering like this for a while or at least until our next offer," concludes Ballenden.

For more information, go to from 7 May 2012.