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New online property marketplace launched

New property platform has launched, offering another online avenue to buy and sell property in South Africa...

19 Sep 2017

Real estate agents must adapt as worldwide trust crisis affects industry

According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, people around the globe are losing faith that “the system” is working in their favour...

18 Sep 2017

Rentorr completely revolutionises the South African property market

Rentorr is a dynamic online platform that brings together property owners, real estate players, vendors, people who want to rent a home, etc., in one space...

Issued by Rentorr 25 Aug 2017

All that twitters is not sold

Online real estate companies offering to sell your home for a low fixed price or a discounted commission appear to be multiplying daily, but they are actually just peddling old - and unsuccessful - concepts dressed up in new digital clothes.,,

By Berry Everitt 24 Aug 2017

How to survive the disruption of estate agencies

The estate agency profession is facing disruption, and for agents to survive, they need to evolve...

By Paul Stevens 23 Aug 2017

Residential property market promising despite recession

The effects of the ratings downgrades are beginning to hit home, throwing the country into an economic recession...

By Harry Hattingh 18 Aug 2017

Startup stirs up Cape rent market

Digital disruption is starting to eat into the property rental market, spearheaded by a Cape Town startup...

By Dave Chambers 2 Aug 2017

These are some of the potential disruptors to the commercial property market

There could be major changes in the pipeline for the commercial property market...

27 Jul 2017

DigitLab builds award-winning property app

Growthpoint again shone brightly in this year's SAPOA's Innovative Excellence Awards. Its newly developed Growthpoint App scooped a commendation for its innovation in the property sector...

Issued by DigitLab 26 Jul 2017

Should South Africans still be investing in property during the recession?

Many homeowners and prospective homeowners are filled with uncertainty...

7 Jul 2017

#YouthMonth: Growing support for startups in SA, says MyRentr CEO

There's yet another property app in the market that's set to challenge the traditional model of doing business in this space...

By Sindy Peters 19 Jun 2017

HouseME 2.5% management fee shakes up SA rental market

Faced with the current economic instability in South Africa, SA's property landlords are considering...

24 Apr 2017

PHNX Digital launches VR, AR property app

Property development marketing agency PHNX Digital has launched a virtual and augmented reality property app for Harcourts Platinum.

13 Apr 2017

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Nepi Rockcastle buys Budapest mall in €275m deal

Nepi Rockcastle, the largest property company listed on the JSE, has bought a large mall in Budapest, Hungary for €275m.

By Alistair Anderson 3 days ago

Dubai developers unveil mega projects despite downturn

Property developers in Dubai showcased new multibillion-dollar mega-projects on Monday, 11 September, despite falling prices, in the hope of stimulating demand and helping to end a three-year market downturn.

12 Sep 2017

How can you save money when you invest in real estate?

Real estate investments are very tricky to navigate. It is really important to keep a tight control of finances since there are many areas where you end up losing money without even realising why that happens. The experienced investors are those that manage to save a lot of cash when they make every single investment. This is possible in so many different ways, ranging from eliminating taxes with 1031 exchange properties for sale to conducting very good research before buying something. Always consider the following...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 7 Sep 2017

The future of shopping malls and what it means for property investors

The decline of malls in the US has caused concern among real estate investors and raises the question of what this might mean for shopping centres in the UK and Europe. The growth of e-commerce is reshaping the retail world. Online sales have been growing globally at an annual rate of close to 25% in recent years.

By Hugo Machin 5 Sep 2017

How to sell your home quickly

There are various ways that you can boost the attractiveness of your home. You can, however, skip any efforts needed to pamper the appearance of your home, and just sell it directly through a company that specialises in the instantaneous buying and selling of homes.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 4 Sep 2017

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