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#UrbanAgri: Let It Grow Foundation helps communities grow their own urban farms

The Let It Grow Foundation is driven by three men with the purpose to heal the soil and teach South Africans to live sustainable and healthy lives through urban farming projects using permaculture methods...

By Cari Coetzee 15 May 2017

Urban farming project to deliver Harvest of Hope

UCook will contribute a portion of its gross profits to Abalimi Bezekhaya, its preferred supplier of organic produce, to support the organisations upskilling urban farming project, Harvest of Hope...

20 Mar 2017

Urban farming dilemma for city

There is a massive shortage of commonage land for livestock farming in Nelson Mandela Bay, with metro leaders scratching their heads to come up with a solution...

10 Mar 2017

Urban farming produces more than food: social networks are a key spinoff

By talking to the farmers we found that even having a small backyard food garden puts you in touch with neighbours, NGOs and local government, which in turn creates a wealth of spin-off benefits...

By David Olivie 10 Feb 2017

#BizTrends2017: Fresh urban farming trends

Urban farming is growing popular and necessary to support urban populations. We spoke to RAW's Marlaen Straathof, a seed company who believes that the tiniest patch of earth can be transformed into a vegetable wonderland...

By Cari Coetzee 9 Jan 2017

KZN works to build food security

KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development Themba Mthembu says the department will work towards ensuring that no household goes hungry...

21 Dec 2016

Our cities need to go on a resource diet

Cities are the epicentres of human activity. They cover less than 2% of the earth's land surface but generate about 70% of GDP...

By André Stephan et al. 1 Dec 2016

#BizsoeknBoer: Meet urban farmer Pierre van der Spuy

Pierre van der Spuy started growing herbs and vegetables two years ago...

By Cari Van Wyk 8 Sep 2016

Why urban agriculture isn't a panacea for Africa's food crisis

Urban agriculture is widely promoted as the solution to the growing problem of urban food insecurity in South Africa and in Africa more broadly...

By Gareth Haysom and Jane Battersby 18 Apr 2016

PnP promotes sustainable transformation with community food garden

While community food gardens can address food security, they also create opportunities for people to take ownership of improving their own long-term health and wellbeing...

5 Mar 2015

Converse Africa and Tractor Outdoor donate GROWbag planters to urban farming communities in Cape Town

Cape Town-based NGO, "Soil For Life", has been delivering training on food gardening in underprivileged communities across the city for over 12 years. They teach people how to establish organic vegetable gardens at their homes...

Issued by Tractor Outdoor 1 Dec 2014

Coffee grounds fuel mushroom growth at the Vineyard Hotel

A month after launching a pilot programme in which gourmet mushrooms are grown on Vineyard Hotel coffee grounds, 15kg of perfect Pink Oysters have been harvested.

12 Mar 2014

Urban organic agriculture in downtown Joburg

Discussions about the regeneration of Johannesburg's inner city usually revolve around refurbishment of buildings and attracting business and residents into the city. But an award-winning project in downtown Johannesburg with the ambitious long-term aim of feeding poor people in the inner city is changing the conversation.

25 Nov 2013

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Introducing the Greenhouse In a Box

In recent years, global warming has lead to a rapidly changing climate in India, temperatures across the country have reached soaring highs, negatively affecting the crops of many farmers. In fact, farmer suicides in India reached over 8,000 in 2015 as a result of this. Now, a farming technology startup named Kheyti is hoping to remedy this with their Greenhouse in a Box (GIB).

16 May 2017

Headway made in bringing Greek kiwifruit to SA stores

Hello Kiwi recently exhibited at the Food and Hospitality Exhibition (HOSTEX) and held a convention for stakeholders and media where the Greek Kiwi Producers Association discussed the importance of the trade relationship with South Africa as well as regulations with the Fresh Produce Imports Association. Thus, the European Unions's Hello Kiwi Programme is further building relationships with key players in the South African market in order to export Europe's kiwifruit to South Africa and have Greek kiwifruit sold in major retail stores.

11 May 2017

John Deere drops merger plan with Monsanto unit

WASHINGTON, US - US farm equipment giant John Deere has dropped plans to acquire a unit of Monsanto amid concerns the merger would be challenged by regulators.

3 May 2017

New FAO satellite tool helps African farmers optimise water productivity

With FAO's new tool, the WaPOR open-access database going live, measuring how efficiently water is used in agriculture, particularly in water-scarce countries, is going high-tech. The new tool taps into satellite data to help farmers achieve reliable agricultural yields and allows for the optimisation of irrigation systems.

24 Apr 2017

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