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New press offices

Old Mutual iWYZE has opened a press office on!

Old Mutual iWYZE provides direct short-term, gap cover and life insurance. As part of a group of South Africa's leading insurance brands, have earned over 170 years, backed by a solid reputation and wealth of industry knowledge.

#AfricaMonth: Africa could be the next frontier for cryptocurrency

Interest in cryptocurrency, a form of digital currency, is growing steadily in Africa. Some economists say it is a disruptive innovation that will blossom on the continent...

By Pavithra Rao 18 May 2018

Harnessing blockchain technology to transform global cybersecurity

In a digitally driven world, cybersecurity has become a highly lucrative sphere of modern business. Today, experts around the world are clawing for a piece of the estimated $8.5bn cyberthreat intelligence industry pie...

By Colin Thornton 17 May 2018

Where is the bank employee in the digital experience?

Banks are already shaping what their future will look like in a world of digital disruption, by evolving as the technology becomes more readily available to end users...

By Nathen Pillay 17 May 2018

Moroccan e-commerce platform Hmizate expands into fintech

Moroccan company Hmizate, which since 2011 has provided an e-commerce platform offering users access to goods, food, travel services and deals, has expanded into fintech with the launch of HmizatePay...

By Tom Jackson 16 May 2018

Mastercard to announce new collaboration with Zapper

Zapper will soon be compatible with Mastercard's Masterpass payments system, after the companies on Monday announced a new possible collaboration...

By Andy Walker 14 May 2018

Pilot study to overcome cash constraints for entrepreneurs

Mastercard and Unilever break down barriers to growth for micro entrepreneurs with first-of-its-kind digital lending platform...

9 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: Pitching for Africa

There's no denying Africa is the place to be. Business is booming, international investors are interested, and there are deals for the taking, if you know how to secure them. Here's how to do so, effectively, from both the corporate/sponsor and startup perspective...

By Leigh Andrews 8 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: The power of smart technology in Africa

People across Africa face considerable challenges - many of them existential. But, without the right devices, connectivity, and skills, those who badly need their problems solved often can't access available solutions...

By Greg Morris 8 May 2018

Rumours of Telegram ICO used as cryptocurrency scam

Dozens of highly convincing fake websites claiming to be investment sites for an initial coin offering (ICO) by the Telegram messaging service have been uncovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers...

7 May 2018

What is Bitcoin, and why should I care?

The insane volatility of the cryptocurrency market is something the financial world has never seen before...

Issued by Showmax 4 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: Feed our startup gazelles and unicorns with funding

Last week's AfricArena media event highlighted the continent's 'funding starvation syndrome', the African startup pyramid, and why we need to boost both the African startup gazelles and unicorns alike...

By leigh andrews 3 May 2018

The chameleon appeal of blockchain

The versatility of blockchain is disrupting just about every industry...

3 May 2018

Banks need to rethink customer experience

For many, banking seems to be driven completing forms and then waiting for someone to tell them whether they qualify for a particular product. Living in a digital age, this is no longer good enough...

By Chantel Troskie 30 Apr 2018

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