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Employees, customers empower CEOs to embrace sustainability

Businesses that contribute to socioeconomic development can dramatically outperform...

18 May 2017

Boxmore-PETCO venture drives recycling in Harrismith

Five local PET collectors in the Harrismith community have received waste recycling trolleys from the partnership of Boxmore Packaging and PETCO...

12 May 2017

SA-EU Circular Economy Seminar held in margins of WEF on Africa 2017

The high-level SA-EU Circular Economy Seminar took place on Wednesday, 3 May, in Durban in the margins of the World Economic Forum on Africa...

4 May 2017

Making sneakers sustainable with the ‘Shoetopia' project

Two Polish students are challenging traditional methods of shoe production with their 3D-printed sneaker...

By Lindsay Samson 28 Apr 2017

Changing behaviour to make recycling a way of life

Our vulnerability to dwindling natural resources is hitting home...

By Hugh Tyrrell 24 Apr 2017

Packaging industry sees launch of MetPac-SA

A new producer responsibility organisation has been formed to represent the interests of the metal packaging industry in South Africa...

21 Apr 2017

Polyflor SA diverts more than four tonnes of vinyl floor from landfill

Since its launch at the end of 2016, Polyflor SA has recycled more than four tonnes of vinyl floor off-cuts...

20 Apr 2017

Environmental Affairs to probe recycled bag claims

The Department of Environmental Affairs says it will probe reports that some plastic supermarket carrier bags, which claim to be recycled, are allegedly not...

13 Apr 2017

Biodegradable products that provide a fresh perspective on sustainability

How can a chair and a shoebox contribute to a more ecologically sustainable future?

By Lindsay Samson 11 Apr 2017

Get walking with stylish eco shoes made from recycled plastic bottles

It's the eco-friendly, super comfortable flat that's taking off. Rothy's flats are made from just one material: polyester fibre sourced from 100% recycled water bottles...

By Tracy Swain 7 Apr 2017

A landfill is no place for plastic bottles

Because their usefulness extends well beyond their original purpose, and to bury them in earth is exceptionally wasteful...

By Sindy Peters 4 Apr 2017

Investing in a circular water economy in SA

The UN World Water Development Report: Wastewater, the Untapped Resource indicates that for decades, people have been using fresh water faster than nature can replace it...

By Hermann Erdman 24 Mar 2017

#DesignMonth: Love local, love sustainable, Love Milo

As we slowly wise up to the negative effects our growing consumerism has on the environment, it could be argued that the most progressive design is that which is sustainable...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 23 Feb 2017

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Introducing the Greenhouse In a Box

In recent years, global warming has lead to a rapidly changing climate in India, temperatures across the country have reached soaring highs, negatively affecting the crops of many farmers. In fact, farmer suicides in India reached over 8,000 in 2015 as a result of this. Now, a farming technology startup named Kheyti is hoping to remedy this with their Greenhouse in a Box (GIB).

16 May 2017

Ad awards prioritise humanity

Body language. Advertising in its simplest form is a brand's flirtation with a person. The way a brand makes a human feel will determine the relationship that follows between brand and consumer.

By Suhana Gordhan 11 May 2017

#OneShow2017: That South African One Show direct link

FCB Africa's creative director, Suhana Gordhan, shares exclusive insights into judging the One Show's direct marketing entries and how even this reflects the organisation's strong drive for better diversity across the industry.

By Leigh Andrews 5 May 2017

Ford evaluates viability of bamboo in vehicle interiors

Over the past several years, Ford has worked with suppliers to evaluate the viability of using bamboo in vehicle interiors and to make extra strong parts by combining it with plastic.

4 May 2017

#WTMA17: When Just a Drop can make everything count

During the World Travel Market of 1998, Fiona Jeffery OBE, founded and launched Just a Drop, an initiative to help raise awareness on the importance of access to safe and sanitised water.

By Robin Fredericks 3 May 2017

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