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How much is a personal injury claim worth?

A reasonable question most people have when considering a personal injury claim is how much compensation they can expect...

5 Apr 2018

Who's to blame when driverless cars have an accident?

The news that an Uber self-driving vehicle has killed a pedestrian has made headlines around the world...

By Raja Jurdak and Salil S. Kanhere 23 Mar 2018

#LifeEsidimeni victims' families awarded R1.2m

Government has been ordered to pay victims of the mental healthcare marathon project a total of R1.2 million each by no later than 19 June 2018...

19 Mar 2018

Public warned against unregistered home building company

The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) has warned the public not to conduct business with Modulus Civils and Construction, which is conducting its business in and around Tshwane, Gauteng...

12 Mar 2018

New inspector to head Grayston Drive inquiry

Phumudzo Maphaha has been appointed at the new Presiding Inspector over the Grayston Drive Pedestrian and cyclist structural bridge collapse inquiry...

9 Mar 2018

How Listeriosis victims can claim compensation

Now the source of the outbreak of Listeriosis has been discovered, what rights do victims and their families have to claim damages from responsible parties...?

8 Mar 2018

Understanding your legal rights after personal information leaks

South Africa has recently suffered its largest data leak to date with, conservatively, an estimated 60 million South Africans' personal information becoming publicly available; the gravity of which (and the risks associated with the sensitive information that has been imparted from it) cannot be overestimated...

By Karl Blom and Daniel Vale 5 Mar 2018

Unethical touting and how to avoid becoming a victim

People who are injured in accidents are warned not to fall victim to 'touts' offering legal services for personal injury claims...

18 Jan 2018

When schoolyard bullying becomes a lawsuit

As the new school year starts in earnest this week, parents need to be aware of aware of the potential personal litigation risks that their children could face if they engage in bullying behaviour...

17 Jan 2018

Ford offers Kuga owners settlements to squash class action suit

Global motoring giant Ford is offering to settle the bank loans of Kuga owners whose vehicles have either caught alight or malfunctioned...

By Graeme Hosken 12 Jan 2018

Why companies don't always test for alcohol... and why they should

Although alcohol and substance testing forms part of the health and safety policies and procedures in many industries, there are still a great number of organisations that do not employ the same cautionary practice, potentially resulting in significant loss to the business...

By Rhys Evans 13 Nov 2017

Sell-by dates 'tempered with'

Companies that tamper with sell-by labels can be criminally prosecuted and fined...

By Nico Gous 27 Sep 2017

Demand for OHS professionals grows with increase in legislation

The demand for professionals in the health and safety fields is growing with the global increase in health and safety laws and regulations and the increase in personal injury litigation...

1 Aug 2017

Data breach obligations of fintech companies

Significant opportunities and risks await those who wish to participate in the rise of the fintech industry...

By Karl Blom 7 Jul 2017

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