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Billboard Finder has opened a press office on!

Billboard Finder is an online market place of billboards listed by media owners for clients to find and buy outdoor advertising within South Africa.

Telling the right STORY

Communication is a fundamental pillar for the success of any business. Getting it wrong may set you up for failure from the very beginning...

By Jacques du Bruyn 5 hours ago

Collective impact and Africa's business growth to take centre stage at 2019 Africa Shared Value Summit in Nairobi

Africa's leading Shared Value event is coming to Nairobi, Kenya, for the first time in 2019. Taking place from 23-24 May 2019, the event will focus on the importance of building Shared Value ecosystems in Africa to drive both economic benefit and social development at scale...

Issued by Shift Social Development 1 day ago

Dear graduate, here are 5 reasons to take that crappy job...

The reality is that the "crappy, lame, I-didn't-study-for-so-long-to-end-up-here" job is better than sitting at home waiting for your perfect job to just come along and find you...

By Jake Willis 16 Nov 2018

Aspiring to make a mark as a successful entrepreneur? Ask yourself these 5 questions

One of the hottest buzzwords in the business world, "entrepreneurship" is growing more than ever before...

By Smith Willas 16 Nov 2018

Recruiting power and potential in the youth - Global Citizen

Ruramai Musekiwa is a versatile creative based in South Africa. She describes herself as a 'creative activist' who is passionate about utilizing creative mediums to address social ills and cultivate positive narratives...

Issued by OnPoint PR 16 Nov 2018

Ventureburn 2018 Startup Survey results are out!

The Ventureburn 2018 Startup Survey results are out and it uncovers the nuts and bolts of the SA tech startup sector...

15 Nov 2018

Fostering a culture of creative entrepreneurship

Mike Beukes lists a few important things he thinks we need if we want an industry that is appealing to entrepreneurs...

By Mike Beukes 15 Nov 2018

All the 2018 AfricaCom Awards winners

The 2018 AfricaCom Awards were announced at a colourful and festive Mardi Gras themed event in Cape Town...

15 Nov 2018

Millennials & ICT: An entrepreneurial match made in heaven

Born between the early 1980s and 2000s, millennials are becoming a larger and more important part of South Africa's population...

14 Nov 2018

The JBS: Authentically African and globally innovative

The Johannesburg Business School (JBS) is committed to delivering world-class business education that focuses on the African context and is geared for Industry 4.0, according to senior director Professor Lyal White...

Issued by University of Johannesburg 14 Nov 2018

5 reasons why coworking spaces work for entrepreneurs

Coworking spaces are designed to be dynamic by offering functionality and flexibility and are particularly well-suited for companies and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses...

13 Nov 2018

How to run a social performance ad agency in SA

Global social performance agency Adglow's SA country manager, Catherine Jenkins, explains the tools and techniques needed to successfully work with the rest of their collaborative global network, and more...

By Leigh Andrews 13 Nov 2018

#EntrepreneurMonth: RentMyRide owns the adventure

RentMyRide is empowering locals by giving them the tools for a low-touch small business and creating competition for conventional car rental companies...

By Evan-Lee Courie 13 Nov 2018

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