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Township and rural economies to change the development narrative

The face of township and rural economies where unemployment, poverty and inequality are still rampant is fast changing, thanks to a successful public-private partnership which recognises the potential for emerging enterprises to contribute towards job creation and the mainstream economy.

Issued by Ithala Development Finance Corporation 15 Nov 2017

We don't have money or staff, says fisheries department

DAFF has admitted in Parliament it does not have the resources to support the cooperatives at the heart of government's small-scale fisheries policy...

14 Nov 2017

Volunteer tourism: What's wrong with it and how it can be changed

Volunteer tourism, or voluntourism, is an emerging trend of travel linked to "doing good". Yet these efforts to help people and the environment have come under heavy criticism...

By Andrea Freidus 13 Nov 2017

#AgriIndaba: Acumen and instinct in African agribusiness

Acumen's first agricultural investments were focused on solutions that improved yields by providing quality inputs to the farmers. In the light of new challenges facing small farmers, it has evolved its strategy...

13 Nov 2017

African women recognised for role in science

14 young female scientists were recognised at the 2017 edition of the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa ceremony...

13 Nov 2017

Future Cape Town unpacks affordable housing

According to Future Cape Town, affordable housing entails housing units that are affordable to a section of society whose income is below the neighbourhood's median or average household income...

10 Nov 2017

Belhar Gardens receives EDGE preliminary grading from GBCSA

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) has recognised the Belhar Gardens social housing development for its water and energy saving design...

9 Nov 2017

Cape Town's city centre slum

Residents abandoned by landlord. Now Public Works wants to evict them...

By Tariro Washinyira 9 Nov 2017

Blok to pilot 80:20 inclusionary housing model at Forty on L development

CT-based property developer Blok has selected its Forty on L development to unveil its new Blok Raw product and to pilot an 80:20 inclusionary housing model...

8 Nov 2017

Greening the tobacco supply chain in Africa bears fruit

It is critical to ensure that tobacco production is as environmentally sustainable as possible as it supports the livelihoods of thousands of small-scale farmers in Africa...

7 Nov 2017

WhyFive BrandMapp Top End Study 2017 released

The WhyFive BrandMapp 2017 Top End Study that annually tracks changes at the top of South Africa's wealth triangle has just been released...

3 Nov 2017

Tourism enterprises encouraged to support sustainability, improve energy efficiency

The Department of Tourism in collaboration with the IDC has introduced the Green Tourism Incentive Programme, which supports the department's mandate of sustainable and inclusive tourism development....

2 Nov 2017

Visa Foundation launched with up to $20m commitment to Women's World Banking

Established as part of its larger social impact strategy, Visa recently announced the launch of its newly incorporated foundation, which aims to prioritise the growth of micro and small enterprises around the world...

2 Nov 2017

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Meat without animals to hit shelves in 2021

A growing number of startups are trying to produce meat products without using animals, with a view to addressing concerns about animal welfare and the carbon footprint of meat. However, Chris Lo, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, reports that new products will not be ready to hit the shelves until 2021.

10 Nov 2017

Hydroelectric dams threaten Brazil's mysterious Pantanal - one of the world's great wetlands

The Pantanal in central South America may not be as globally famous as the Amazon rainforest, but it has the continent's highest concentration of wildlife. Now, however, the region's endangered plants and animals, along with its still undiscovered secrets, may be wiped out in return for cheap hydroelectricity.

By Lauren Crabb, Anna Laing, Bronwen Whitney, Carlos 10 Nov 2017

Malaysia rescues 140 pangolins from suspected smugglers

Dozens of live pangolins were seized from suspected traffickers close to Malaysia's border with Thailand, officials said Wednesday, 8 November, thwarting the latest attempt to smuggle the critically endangered creatures.

10 Nov 2017

EU agrees to reform world's largest carbon market

The EU struck a deal on Thursday, 9 November, to overhaul Europe's carbon market after 2021, hailing it as a key step toward meeting its pledges to cut greenhouse gases under the Paris climate agreement.

10 Nov 2017

A huge marine reserve in the Pacific will protect rich tourists rather than fish

The small Pacific archipelago of Palau has a poaching problem. When I went there in 2016 for instance, four Vietnamese crews were held for nearly two months after their timber-hulled "blue boats" were apprehended in local waters. They were fishing for tuna, but sharks were also found on board as well as sea cucumber - an expensive delicacy on the Chinese market.

By Peter Howson 2 Nov 2017

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