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Uber to open a flying taxi research centre in France

PARIS, France - If the last month or so is any indication, Uber is getting rather serious about its plans to put flying taxis into the air...

By Nick Lavars 2 hours ago

Why Cape Town's SMEs should drive the shift to remote working

As part of the city's efforts to save water, remote working solutions can play a key role...

By Colin Thornton 21 May 2018

All the regional winners of Mest Africa Challenge 2018

The regional winners of the inaugural Mest Africa Challenge, the pan-African startup pitch competition open to companies outside the Mest programme, has been announced...

18 May 2018

Ford's plans for drone-to-vehicle technology

Ford wants to unlock the full potential of drone-to-vehicle technology, to see the use of commercial drones as companion tools to vehicles...

18 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: Driving sustainable development agendas through digital transformation

Africa is a diverse continent with unique market conditions. Home to seven of the fastest growing economies and seven of the world's megacities, and with millions of young people entering the labour force each year, Africa is fertile ground...

By Joanne Shields 17 May 2018

How a 'smart countryside' can use technology for greener ends

Smart cities are often discussed as being the key to future urban living. The increase in capacity for more complex information can help solve human and environmental problems by saving energy and regulating traffic flow...

By Nick Davies 17 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: Committing to the digital transformation of agriculture in Africa

"What Africa needs, across the board is insight and foresight. Whether that is government agencies getting a better handle on what crops grow best and where so that they can direct policy and investments or the individual farmer farming better. Doing this requires data..."

By Cari Coetzee 17 May 2018

How technology is driving the millennial retail market

Over the last decade, the retail industry has seen a shift in how it operates. The exponential increase in online shopping has had a significant impact on how we buy our products...

By Mark Thomson 16 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: Living African laboratories

As a key market and potential innovator, Africa is poised for rapid adoption, skipping generations of inherited ideas and practices to emerge as an early adopter for innovative solutions that take cognisance of the unique African context...

By Warren Hewitt 16 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: The time to become a disruptor is now

Are African businesses ready to become disruptors? Disruption is a trendy term - but disruption has been around since the big bang, and we've seen it operating through time at different scales...

By Brett St Clair 15 May 2018

Smart navigation tech knows when cars are on overpasses

When a motorist enters an overpass that runs parallel to a ground-level road, it's possible that their GPS navigation system will think that they're still on the lower road. As a result, the system will issue incorrect instructions...

By Ben Coxworth 11 May 2018

Enabling the digitisation of Africa - five strategies

South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya make up the top three of the 2018 EDI "digitagility" ranking in Africa which measures the ability of countries to go digital...

10 May 2018

Challenges and opportunities as the fourth industrial revolution bring change to agriculture

Through the fourth industrial revolution's converging technologies, South Africa has the opportunity to become an early adopter, accelerating its agro-processing development...

8 May 2018

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