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Eskom, Coega sign agreement on nuclear

Eskom and the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) have signed a collaborative agreement on South Africa's nuclear new build programme...

16 Mar 2017

Why Gordhan's silence on South Africa's nuclear option is a good sign

South Africa's Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan said very little about the energy sector in his recent budget speech...

By Hartmut Winkler 24 Feb 2017

Community-scale projects are Africa's energy future

The 17th annual African Utility Week will take place from 16-18 May 2017 at the CTICC in Cape Town...

21 Dec 2016

Finding on Thyspunt slammed by experts

Eskom's announcement that the Council for Geoscience has confirmed there is nothing preventing a nuclear build at Thyspunt has been slammed by academics...

19 Dec 2016

Zambia and Russia sign nuclear deals

Following a directive by President Edgar Lungu for the country to develop nuclear energy, Zambia and Russia have signed four memoranda of understanding (MoU) to turn Zambia into a hub of nuclear science for peaceful purposes.

By Rebecca Mushota 12 Dec 2016

Minister announces new Eskom Acting CEO

Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown says she has approved Eskom Board's recommendation to appoint the current Group Executive: Generation, Matshela Koko, as acting Group Chief Executive of Eskom...

30 Nov 2016

SA's new energy plan sparks strong emotions. Here's why...

The long-awaited updated South African IRP has been released for comment...

By Hartmut Winkler 30 Nov 2016

New nuclear energy to come on stream by 2037

Cabinet has approved a draft base case energy plan which paves the way for gas and renewables to provide the biggest chunk of new capacity by 2050...

By Linda Ensor 23 Nov 2016

WWF-SA adds its voice to calls for open nuclear process

WWF-SA is deeply concerned about reports that the government is planning to discuss the proposed nuclear deal behind closed doors...

18 Nov 2016

Young artisans to gain from nuclear build

It is a pity that the nuclear energy debate has been shrouded by what appears to be serious ideologues from the two sides; and, unsurprisingly, very rarely have cooler heads been allowed a voice. The litigation and policy ambivalence hasn't made things easier...

By Gaopalelwe Santswere 11 Nov 2016

Koeberg safety drill tomorrow

An exercise to test the effectiveness of the radiological release hazard disaster risk management plan will be carried out at Koeberg tomorrow, 9 November 2016...

8 Nov 2016

SA's power utility wants to finance nuclear. This is a bad idea.

South Africa's cabinet is to consider a proposal that a mooted nuclear power deal for the country be financed through the state-owned power utility Eskom...

By Seán Mfundza Muller 2 Nov 2016

Questions mount over South Africa's planned nuclear power deal

Nuclear energy in South Africa is a very contentious issue. The decision on whether to proceed with the construction of a fleet of nuclear power plants is destined to become the financially most far reaching and consequential defining moment of the Jacob Zuma presidency...

By Hartmut Winkler 27 Sep 2016

Eskom says it can fund nuclear

Eskom can pay for the nuclear build programme because it will have accumulated a R150bn cash pile in the next 10 years, according to its head of generation, Matshela Koko...

By Carol Paton 23 Sep 2016

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