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Three ways to improve commercial shipping's environmental footprint

While it's an essential part of international trade, shipping also poses serious risks to the environment. There are some immediate solutions to this problem that use existing technology...

By Martina Doblin 1 day ago

Waste-to-energy programmes key in the sustainable circular economy

The business case for transforming waste to address critical energy shortages is mounting...

By Webb Meko 8 Aug 2017

Inaugural African Marine Waste Conference develops strategic plan to tackle marine litter

Attended by approximately 200 delegates from nine African states and a further 10 countries from other continents, the inaugural African Marine Waste Conference recently took place in PE...

7 Aug 2017

SA one of the worst culprits of marine plastic pollution

When marine scientist Dr Brent Newman visited Durban harbour recently, he was astonished to find not a single crab in a section of mangroves near the Bluff Yacht Club...

1 Aug 2017

Climate change set to increase air pollution deaths by hundreds of thousands by 2100

Climate change is set to increase the amount of ground-level ozone and fine particle pollution we breathe...

By Guang Zeng and Jason West 1 Aug 2017

Damelin joins Pretoria FM in the ‘Help Clean Our City' campaign

Damelin Menlyn joined hands with Pretoria FM in their ‘Help Clean Our City' campaign aimed at creating environmental awareness and a healthier, cleaner community for all...

By Ashmika Chottu, Issued by Damelin 28 Jul 2017

Working together to keep oil away from the environment

There has been a fair amount of news about recycling in automotive-related industries. Most of it has been about the demise of Redisa, the tyre recycling agency. But what about waste oil?

28 Jul 2017

Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' spent by next week: report

Humanity will have used up its allowance of planetary resources such as water, soil, and clean air for all of 2017 by next week, said a report Tuesday, 25 July...

27 Jul 2017

Smart businesses are seeing the value in sustainable waste management

A growing global trend has been observed of businesses beginning to incorporate the handling and disposal of waste into their core sustainability values...

By Jennifer Couperthwaite 25 Jul 2017

Why adopting biodegradable plastic bags in Kenya may not work

There's been a great deal of contention and debate in Kenya over what should be used to replace plastic bags following the country's announcement that it's banning them...

By Leah Oyake-Ombis 24 Jul 2017

Mhondoro takes on DOT Challenge, eliminates plastic bottles

Mhondoro Game Lodge has eliminated the use of plastic water bottles in support of the DOT Challenge. It is committed to making a contribution in each of the DOT Challenge categories - water, waste, conservation, and energy...

21 Jul 2017

Wasted reimagines how we deal with urban trash

Amsterdam-based Cities Foundation has used plastic as currency for two years. Now they've added paper, textiles and glass...

21 Jul 2017

#CSIMonth: Does your brand walk its CSR talk?

Ken Egbas, founder of The SERAS, unpacks some of the awards' most significant impacts on the African CSR landscape...

By Sindy Peters 21 Jul 2017

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Tips on how to have an ethical elephant experience

Encountering one of natures most majestic creatures, elephants, can be quite an experience. While there are many opportunities to get up close and personal with elephants when travelling to places like Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka, it's important that these encounters happen with the elephants in a happy and humane environment.

9 hours ago

New study: Pesticides increase extinction risk for bumblebee populations

Bumblebee queens are a common sight on a spring day, their large furry bodies flying industriously from flower to flower. At this point they will have just awoken from a long hibernation - the much smaller worker bees die off each year, leaving the new queens to survive winter alone. Eating nectar and pollen from these flowers is therefore essential for the queens to build up their energy and fat stores. Once they are fully restored, which can happen within a few days, the queens will look for a nest-site, perhaps an abandoned mouse nest, where they will build up a honey pot and pollen stores prior to laying eggs and founding a new colony of bumblebees.

By Mark Brown 1 day ago

Can tourism alleviate global poverty?

Wouldn't it be great if something as simple and pleasurable as international travel could help end something as grinding and enduring as global poverty? After all, the industry is booming, growing at least 4% a year since the 1960s (with a brief slowdown in 2009), according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

By Susanne Becken 24 Jul 2017

Hybrid burgers for the health and environmentally conscious

Sonic is to launch hybrid burgers that could potentially be a game changer in the fast food chain industry.

By Bongani Shweni 10 Jul 2017

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