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Aguma not completely off the hook

Although the SABC has accepted former acting CEO James Aguma's resignation, he can still face a forensic investigation...

By Neo Goba 2 days ago

Suspended SABC executive hit with additional charges at disciplinary hearing

Suspended SABC chief financial officer James Aguma's legal representative has argued that additional charges brought against his client at his disciplinary hearing are pure victimisation...

By Neo Goba 3 days ago

Reviewing automatic termination clauses in employment contracts

A recent Labour Appeal Court case reviewed whether the employee was unfairly dismissed after his appointment letter was automatically terminated because of a provision stating that his offer of employment was conditional on a positive outcome of a vetting process...

By Andre Van Heerden and Jacques van Wyk 18 Jul 2017

Uber drivers protected by labour laws

The Department of Labour has welcomed a CCMA ruling which states that Uber drivers are fully protected by the South African labour laws...

18 Jul 2017

Trade unions in focus at Labour Law Conference

The 30th annual Labour Law Conference, being held from 2-3 August 2017 at Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni, will focus on the future of trade unions in South Africa in its plenary session...

13 Jul 2017

Labour Appeal Court overturns ruling on TES employees

The Labour Appeal Court has ruled on the interpretation of section 198A of the Labour Relations Act, deciding that the client of the temporary employment service (TES) becomes the sole employer of the TES employees...

By Lauren Salt 13 Jul 2017

Pityana warns of more cuts in mining

AngloGold Ashanti chairman Sipho Pityana has warned of further job cuts in mining, saying the country's macroeconomic policies made it impossible to sustain jobs...

12 Jul 2017

What you need to know about employing expatriates in SA

The rules and best practice for employing a foreign national in South Africa are significantly different for them than normal employees...

By Marisa Jacobs 12 Jul 2017

The Mining Charter and employment equity

The latest version of the Mining Charter is much tougher on employment equity targets than its predecessor...

By Johan Olivier 12 Jul 2017

Same work, same pay, regardless of qualification - CCMA

The CCMA has ruled that an employer had unfairly discriminated against farm supervisors by grading and paying them less than farm foremen, who performed the same work but who had different academic qualifications...

11 Jul 2017

International report discloses effects of technology on world of work

A new joint International Labour Organisation-Eurofound report released earlier this year, ‘Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work' focuses on employees who use new technology to work outside of the employer's premises and often outside of regular working hours.

By Nicci Whitear 10 Jul 2017

Investigators conclude probes of Matshela Koko's alleged conflicts of interest at Eskom

The legal and forensic investigations of allegations against former Eskom interim CE Matshela Koko have been completed and the board is considering the report...

By Linda Ensor 3 Jul 2017

Home Affairs, labour negotiations get underway

Another round of negotiations is expected to get underway on Monday between the Department of Home Affairs and labour unions...

3 Jul 2017

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Small startup in a big pond? You got this!

Perhaps the hardest part about being a small startup is that, from the very beginning, you have to compete on the same level as all of the big fish. You have to prove that you are just as worthy of a client's attention and dollars as your more established competitors. This is difficult enough for the big fish themselves, but for a new and tiny startup with a tinier budget? What are you supposed to do? How do you make a name for yourself when you can't spend as much as your competitors?

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 13 Jul 2017

Five success strategies you forgot to implement in your business

As more people ditch the stressful nine to five work life in search of more freedom and self-empowerment, they're following in the footsteps of their mentors. If you're one of those people, it's wonderful that you've found your way out of the corporate rat race in pursuit of loftier goals. Now you need some strategies to shift you deeper into success.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 10 Jul 2017

Microsoft announces 'some' job cuts

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Microsoft said Thursday it was cutting an unspecified number of jobs amid reports the US tech giant was reorganising its global sales operations.

7 Jul 2017

How to choose a cleaning service for your business

A clean environment is one of the many great factors that contribute to the success of every business. It is very beneficial to the employees as it enables them to feel more comfortable in the work environment and carry out their work faster. It also attracts clients to the ever-tidy business premises.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 3 Jul 2017

Is small business health insurance for employees a necessity?

Statistics show that 20 percent of the small businesses do not know what health benefits should be offered to employees. This is a shame since health insurance should always be a top priority for every single company out there. Even if you just hire employees for seemingly safe jobs like with Book Taxi Paris you have to offer something that makes working for your company as attractive as possible.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 12 Jun 2017

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