Cape Town Press Club supports media freedom

At the Cape Town Press Club AGM, the chairperson, Brent Meersman, stated that it will support other organisations, such as the SA National Editors Forum (SANEF), however it can to help get the SABC back on track...

1 Aug 2016

Faith Muthambi accuses media of 'feeding propaganda' to public

Communications Minister Faith Muthambi has dismissed the notion that censorship was being implemented at the SABC...

By Genevieve Quintal 29 Jul 2016

Will journalists be allowed to go back to work? SABC won't say

The SABC will not say whether the four journalists who won their case in the Labour Court on Tuesday, 26 July 2016, will be allowed to return to work...

By Genevieve Quintal and Franny Rabkin 26 Jul 2016

Parliament left to deal with SABC

The ANC has deferred the SABC crisis to Parliament even though the institution is in recess until after the local government elections and corporate governance fires continue to rage at the public broadcaster...

By Genevieve Quintal and Natasha Marrian 13 Jul 2016

Failure to comply could see SABC licence revoked: Icasa

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) could, in an "extreme" case, see its licence revoked...

12 Jul 2016

SABC brings more charges against suspended journalists, says union

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has brought more charges against three of its eight suspended journalists, the trade union Solidarity said on Monday...

By Genevieve Quintal 12 Jul 2016

Ethiopia blocks social media ahead of exams

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia has blocked social media sites for the next few days, after questions from end-of-year exams were posted online last month, sparking a national scandal and leading to their annulment...

11 Jul 2016

SABC is mum over suspended employees

Embattled national broadcaster SABC has refused to comment on the highly publicised suspension of three of its journalists...

By Azizzar Mosupi 11 Jul 2016

Icasa to rule on SABC's violence ban

The SABC will find out on Thursday whether or not its controversial decision to ban footage of violent protests is valid when the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) delivers its verdict...

By Genevieve Quintal 7 Jul 2016

South Africa votes against internet freedom

According to a report via Fin24, South Africa has joined other nations such as China and Russia in voting against a United Nations resolution...

6 Jul 2016

SABC cannot limit viewers' freedom by judging what may be seen: Jackson Mthembu

The SABC cannot decide what people can or cannot watch as this is in contravention of the Constitution, the ANC's communications subcommittee head Jackson Mthembu said on Tuesday...

By Genevieve Quintal 6 Jul 2016

[Watch] The SABC and media censorship

Al Jazeera focused on the SABC and media censorship in the latest episode of The Stream. With the recent suspension of SABC journalists, and the lack of protest coverage, the public are becoming more enraged...

5 Jul 2016

SABC to dominate the uncensored news

The SABC is likely to continue to dominate headlines this week as protests against the public broadcaster's recent controversial decisions are set to continue...

By Penelope Mashego 5 Jul 2016

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