Cancer prognosis is like weather forecasting

Classically in cancer, physicians tended to talk about five-year survival but patients these days want to know more. However, it is difficult to arrive at a prognosis as it often changes as treatment progresses...

3 Sep 2018

Common skin cancer can signal increased risk of other cancers

Frequent skin cancers due to mutations in genes responsible for repairing DNA are linked to a threefold risk of unrelated cancers...

15 Aug 2018

Cancer Alliance issues pallative care for children toolkit

The Cancer Alliance has issued the third in its series of toolkits focusing on the National Policy and Strategy for Palliative Care, this time dealing with caring for children with cancer...

8 Aug 2018

Ombud upholds second dread disease claim

There is no legal or insurance principle which prevents a dread disease claim to be paid out under two different policies for a recurrence of a condition...

6 Aug 2018

South Africa's first biosimilar oncology drug authorised for use

Cipla, in collaboration with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, has announced the launch of the country's first biosimilar for the oncology and haematology markets...

Issued by Cipla 3 Aug 2018

Hi-tech lung cancer lab to benefit all

If the country is to reduce its high cancer statistics, the public would have to be educated about the illness...

2 Aug 2018

SA, Russia deal to grow nuclear medicine

It might not have been the nuclear deal it was hoping for, but the Russian state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom has signed an agreement with the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa)...

30 Jul 2018

#Mandela100: PinkDrive takes to the road in KZN

To celebrate the life of Madiba, PinkDrive, together with the Revolutionary Motorcycle Club, is carrying out mammograms, pap smears, prostate-specific antigen screening and health education...

19 Jul 2018

Prostate treatment byproduct could accelerate cancer cell growth

New research out of the United States points to a genetic anomaly in certain men with prostate cancer, which may impact their response to common drugs used to treat the disease...

17 Jul 2018

New drug halves hearing loss in children following cancer treatment

Giving the drug sodium thiosulphate after chemotherapy reduces hearing loss in children treated for liver cancer, according to findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine recently...

28 Jun 2018

Viral suppression helps lower risk for many types of cancer, study finds

A new study by the Yale School of Public Health and partner institutions is the first to examine the potential cancer prevention benefits of prolonged periods of HIV viral suppression, resulting from antiretroviral therapy, for persons living with HIV...

By Elisabeth Reitman 25 Jun 2018

WHO calls for urgent action against NCDs

Collectively, cancer, diabetes, lung and heart diseases kill 41-million people annually, accounting for 71% of all deaths globally, 15 million of which occur between the ages of 30 and 70 years...

4 Jun 2018

Using platinum-based chemo to improve survival rates in pancreatic cancer

Patients with the most common form of pancreatic cancer, and who have BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations, have poorer overall survival rates than those without the mutations.

1 Jun 2018

Cancer crisis: Where are South Africa's radiation oncologists?

Everyone knows about KZN's cancer crisis but no one is talking about the other provinces that operate on just one radiation oncologist - or less.

By Joan van Dyk 24 May 2018

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