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KZN programme focuses on teaching early cancer detection

An initiative between two universities is working on developing a head and neck cancer outreach programme to educate healthcare practitioners,and improve patient outcomes...

2 days ago

Net#work BBDO #GivesASh!t about fighting colon cancer

Net#work BBDO was tasked with creating a campaign for UDoTest, a revolutionary no-fuss, no-mess way of testing for colon cancer – essential, as it is one of the top five killers in South Africa...

17 Mar 2017

R600m deal to develop theranostics cancer treatment

A R600m private public partnership will bring a new South African cancer diagnosis and treatment tool to the market...

14 Mar 2017

HPV vaccine is about cancer, not sex

Part of the reason Dr Kenneth Alexander visited South Africa is to figure out how the country went about successfully implementing an HPV vaccine programme...

By Nicci Botha 13 Mar 2017

Breast cancer specialist adds thyroid treatment to services

Professor Justus Apffelstaedt is now offering a holistic service for thyroid and parathyroid health and the treatment of related diseases...

6 Mar 2017

How will Uganda drive more cancer patients to hospital?

Every Friday morning at the Uganda Cancer Institute is free screening time. Being the biggest cancer facility in the country, coupled with ever-increasing cases, one would expect to see some quite big numbers. But that is rarely the case...

By Flavia Nassaka 28 Feb 2017

African partnership launched to fight childhood cancer

A $100m paediatric haematology-oncology treatment network has been created in public-private partnerships between American institutions and the governments of Botswana, Uganda and Malawi...

21 Feb 2017

Limiting lung cancer's spread and growth in the brain

More people die of lung cancer each year than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined. One particularly lethal form of the disease is lung adenocarcinoma...

By Ziba Kashef 15 Feb 2017

Roche under fire for cost of cancer meds

Breast cancer and HIV activists came out in their hundreds on Tuesday to demand that pharmaceutical giant Roche drop the price of its breast cancer drug...

By Neo Goba 10 Feb 2017

Trackhacking: Redesigning the sound of cancer treatment

With World Cancer Day having just been marked on 4 February, the dreaded ‘C' word is top of mind. Here's how Cancer Dojo has partnered with the Berklee College of Music and employed design thinking to turn the scary noises of MRI machines into uplifting music...

By Leigh Andrews 7 Feb 2017

Genomics can improve cancer survival rate

The CSIR and UCT are looking at the genetic mutations that characterise some cancers and how this can improve treatment...

6 Feb 2017

#WorldCancerDay: Cancer Alliance speaks with one voice

A 2012 study by The Lancet predicted that South Africa could see a shocking 78% increase in the number of cancer cases by 2030...

By Nicci Botha 6 Feb 2017

Scrambled DNA inside tumours might hinder cancer immunotherapy

Cancer treatments that harness the power of the immune system might be less effective in patients whose tumours carry incorrectly packaged DNA, according to US scientists...

20 Jan 2017

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