We must ensure new food retail technologies are pathways - not barriers - to better health

Imagine a world where smart pantries sense when you are running out of your favourite food and order more of it, without you lifting a finger. Where intelligent robots roam your grocery store, ever at your service...

By Kathryn Backholer 11 Jul 2018

Nutrition at the centre of sustainable corporate wellness

We're the master of our own universe at home - we are able to muster up great salads and fresh food inspired dishes; take yoga classes, mountain bike, meditate and walk the dog. But what happens when we go to work?...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 3 Jul 2018

The real secret to a healthy lifestyle? Purpose

While diet and exercise are very important, health and wellness coach Reinhard Korb believes that the one true answer to a healthy life is purpose...

Issued by Nomadic Digital 21 Jun 2018

SA green tea extract voted among best in the world

A highly potent South African green tea extract has been voted among the world's top new products at one of Europe's most prestigious natural health trade shows...

Issued by Leap Communications 14 Jun 2018

Climate change will make rice less nutritious, putting millions of the world's poor at risk

Current understanding of plant physiology suggests that major cereal crops - particularly rice and wheat - respond to higher CO2 concentrations by synthesising more carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and less protein, and by reducing the quantity of minerals in their grains...

By Kristie Ebi 13 Jun 2018

All the ways that Dietitians Do Prevention

Dietitians Do Prevention is the theme of the 2018 Dietitians Week, held from 4-8 June...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 4 Jun 2018

What population growth will do to health and communities

By 2030,the world population is expected to be 8.6 billion people, growing to 11.2 billion by 2100, which will have an impact on health and communities...

29 May 2018

Busting the two biggest myths about your immune system

Winter is here, and that gets us thinking about our immune system, and what we need to do to boost it, so that it helps us avoid colds and flu, or at least recover from them more quickly...

Issued by Association for Dietetics in South Africa 23 May 2018

Roundtable proposes a unified, globalised approach to food safety

Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, causes more than 200 diseases worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation...

16 May 2018

Health and safety: the recipe for a better logistics industry

Did you know that South Africa has some of the worst road-safety statistics in the world?[i] Accidents hit the economy hard when vehicles have to be repaired or replaced and often goods in transit are destroyed or delayed...

By Morné Stoltz 16 May 2018

How a better understanding of the seven ages of appetite could help us stay healthy

Recent research has highlighted that the abundance of food cues - smells, sounds, advertising - in our environment is one of the main causes of overconsumption...

By Alex Johnstone 7 May 2018

New Low-GI bread, Bread-A-Betix launched by Albany Bakeries

A new low-GI bread, Bread-A-Betix, suitable for the health-conscious, and for those who want to manage their blood sugar levels and control body weight, when eaten as part of a balanced diet, has been launched by Albany Bakeries...

30 Apr 2018

How innovation can contribute to food and nutrition security

"We hope to produce so-called smart foods with extra health benefits that are safe, marketable, affordable, ready to eat and trendsetting."

By Mologadi Makwela 3 Apr 2018

What led to world's worst listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

South Africa has had the biggest listeriosis outbreak in the world that resulted in more than 180 deaths to date...

13 Mar 2018

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