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Agriculture, Horticulture & Forestry

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Apple and pear crops suffer hail, drought and high temperatures
"We saw sunburn damage from temperatures as high as 44 degrees centigrade for two consecutive days, followed by 75ml of rain in two hours during a drought period which led to flooding. Hailstones, the size of my thumbnail, came next... We are experiencing one extreme in climate to the next."read
Kabai Ken via
Kenya launches pan-African skills development programme in agriculture sector
The two-year programme, targeting mid-level professionals working in the agriculture sector across sub-Saharan Africa, seeks to strengthen the capacity of Africa's young professionals to revolutionise agriculture value chains grappling with skills gap and low technology
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Fighting Fall armyworm? There's an app for that
FAO has launched the Fall Armyworm Monitoring and Early Warning System mobile app, which provides valuable insights on its behaviour in Africa and guide best
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Embattled bees face yet another potential threat - virus-carrying hoverflies

Emily Bailes

Many countries have banned or restricted the use of pesticides such as neonicotinoids in farming because of their links to bee decline. But bee decline is much more complex than the idea that pesticides are driving all pollinators to
Land restitution in SA could take 700 years

Tamar Kahn

It would take more than 700 years to complete the land restitution process if claims were reopened and processed at the current pace... read
Poultry producer Astral wants chicken to be VAT free

Robert Laing

Chicken should be exempt from value-added tax, poultry producer Astral said. The increase in VAT to 15% in April from the 14% it had been for the past 25 years would hurt consumers who relied on chicken for their main source of protein... read
SADC updates bird flu disaster response plan
Southern African countries, jolted by a debilitating avian influenza outbreak in 2017, which left an extensive effect on the region, have reviewed and updated the regional preparedness and response plan... read
Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC commissions N50bn Sunti Golden Sugar Estate in Niger State
The Sunti Golden Sugar Estate will be commissioned on 15 March 2018 and features 17,000 hectares of irrigable farmland and a sugar mill that process 4,500 metric tonnes of sugarcane per day... read
Let them eat carp: Fish farms are helping to fight hunger

Ben Belton, Dave Little & Simon Bush

Over the past three decades, the global aquaculture industry has risen from obscurity to become a critical source of food for millions of people... read
Commercial Fishing
Transparency, traceability key supply chain issues for seafood industry
The global nature of the seafood industry has resulted in transparency and traceability emerging as key supply chain issues, especially when it comes to combatting the growing threat of illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing... read
Disasters cost farmers in developing countries billions of dollars
Between 2005 and 2015, natural disasters cost agricultural sectors of developing countries $96bn in damage or lost crop and livestock production, according to FAO's new report... read
Viticulture & Oenology
Creating a sustainable wine future: CapeWine 2018 opening seminar speakers announced
South African wine producers are readying themselves for CapeWine 2018, under the theme \Hannuwa - encapsulating the philosophy of the South African wine industry as a pledge to farming sustainably... read
Drought declared a national disaster
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs minister Zweli Mkhize has declared the drought and water crisis affecting parts of the country as a national state of disaster... read
Nigeria is the global leader in cassava production with over 54.8 million tons per annum (FAOSTATS 2014). ~ Dr Alfr...
Another Tiger Brands factory just closed after positive Listeria tests. This is now the definitive list of banned m...
Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years #food
RT @UNFCCC: Protecting farmers from #climatechange impacts must become a priority, says the @UN Half of all #climat...
Why #technology will disrupt and transform #Africa's #agriculture sector in a good way.
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