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Few companies have marketing performance measurement tools for ROI

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] Technology marketers may be ahead of the curve with measuring technology, but they come up short on measuring marketing performance and its return on investment, according to insight from the eMetrics Summit in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

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What web metrics can do for you

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] Since websites first got published, people have been interested in analytics. It started with simple counters on personal pages to track visitor counts. Today online enterprises can run complex analytics systems that spit out real-time traffic reports with multivariable cross-tabbing capabilities.

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Are you flying blind?

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] International web strategist and United States based PR, Sally Falkow, looks at Internet strategies that show up in your bottom line.

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Making the most of the media

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] The media and PR practitioners are in a symbiotic relationship. They may not like to think so, but news outlets do get a lot of information from PR people. And as budgets and staff get cut, they are relying on PR practitioners more and more to send them ideas for stories, says US-based PRO, Sally Falkow.

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Web sense

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] Bill Gates said recently that soon there will be only two kinds of business: those with a website and those with no business at all. Having a website has become a point of credibility and most entrepreneurs now have one, says Sally Falkow.

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The PR fire

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] PR is a vital tool in brand building. Publicity will get you the credibility and word of mouth needed to create a buzz about your brand. Al Ries, author of "The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR", says only PR can start the fire - marketing will fan the flames. By Sally Falkow.

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PRs are builders of brands

Sally Falkow[Sally Falkow] If PR is so powerful, why does top management continue to favour advertising in budgeting and at the boardroom table? Marketing guru, Laura Ries, keynote speaker at the Media Relations 2003 conference held in New York City recently, argued passionately that it's because PR has failed in defining and publicizing its own mission, writes Sally Falkow.

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