12 Jun 2012



Winning and dealing

Who doesn't like a good deal? We here at BizLifestyle sure do and are proud to announce the launch of Bizcommunity's BizBuy Lifestyle portal which offers our readers great savings and discounts on certain lifestyle products; currently accommodation, restaurant and wine discounts are all up for grabs and the first featured product deal is a whopping 52% saving on a premier room at The Bay Hotel. Bizcommunity's Ilse van den Berg and Angie White recently spent a night at the hotel, check what they had to say.

In other news, travel contributor Brian Berkman chats to Hilton Durban's general manager Mohamed Hamza about the 10 things he loves about all the destinations he has visited, and motoring contributor Henrie Geyser reviews the new deadly Lexus GS, and the smart Volkswagen CC.

Daniel Dercksen recommends a trip to the big screen for movies Being Flynn, and the much anticipated Prometheus.

On the auditory side of things, new albums by SA artists Peachy Keen and Dan Patlansky both receive the nod of approval by Johann Smith.

Tickets for ISOchronous's DVD launch in Joburg and Pretoria and the Brandy Fusion event are all still up for grabs in our Win section.

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Ruth Cooper, production manager (@biz_lounge)

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[BizBuy] Save 52% on a premier room at The Bay Hotel
[Ilse van den Berg & Angie White] Cosily situated under the Twelve Apostles mountain range and overlooking the renowned palmed-fringed beach of Camps Bay sits The Bay Hotel. As part of Bizcommunity's BizBuy Lifestyle launch, we experienced the five-star luxury hotel and so can you - Bizcommunity, through BizBuy, is offering our readers the chance to save 52% on a premier room at The Bay Hotel! Read more >>



Lexus ready to rumble the Germans
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Lexus has always been a leading stalker of the dominant German three-brand gang but now that it has unwrapped its new GS range its status has moved from amber threat to red attack alert because for the very first time Lexus has the weapons to take on the enemy on all fronts - and to outclass and beat them. Read more >>

Gizmos and glitter for VW's flagship
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Volkswagen has prettied up and added more glitter to its already good-looking four-door coupé range and this time round the CC might just rattle the comfort zone cages of the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series in key departments such as ride quality, comfort, performance and looks. Read more >>


Champions retain titles at EFC Africa 14
EFC Africa champions Costa Ioannou and Demarte Pena retained their titles and remain undefeated at EFC Africa 14, which was held on 1 June, 2012, at Carnival City, among a host of other bouts. Read more >>


[10 Things I love About...] Destinations I've visited, the experiences
[Brian Berkman: contributing editor, travel] Mohamed Hamza, an MBA graduate from the University of Strathclyde Business School, began his career with Hilton Worldwide in 1990. During his tenure with Hilton, he played an active role in supporting the food and beverage functions for several pre-opening hotels and in 2010, accepted his fifth assignment as General Manager when he joined Hilton Durban. Contributing Editor Brian Berkman asked him about the 10 things he loved about destinations he's visited and the experiences he's had. Read more >>


Dare to see Prometheus
[Daniel Dercksen] Master visualist and supreme storymaker Ridley Scott Gothicises the Alien legacy to its outermost intensity, showing the gloom of exploring an unchartered universe, confronting grotesque creatures and being endangered by supernatural forces in the supreme Prometheus. Read more >>


Custom-made Patlansky blues
[Johann M. Smith] Oh Fender, Fender, Fender - the sound that echoes like a tin can in a dead-end street, banging and twanging for more than 50 years now. The one you want is a Stratocaster, of which Dan Patlansky has plenty. And, like the front image of a dirty, dog-eared porn magazine, the cover of his latest album, "20 Stones", makes no secret about its contents. You know exactly what you're going to get. Read more >>


Nominees announced for The 2nd Annual South African Comics Choice Awards
The nominees for The 2nd Annual South African Comics Choice Awards 2012, to be held on 10 July at Teatro, Montecasino, Joburg, have been announced. It has also been announced that Joe Parker will receive a Lifetime Achiever Award. Read more >>

Jeff Dunham's controlled chaos
[Jordan Scott] There is something incredibly odd about watching something on YouTube for hours on end and then actually seeing it live. I say odd, but what I mean is absolutely amazing! Jeff Dunham started his career when he was just a youngster and first appeared with Walter in 1996, but his major success came when he brought Achmed, The Dead Terrorist into the mix. His television specials and series have been the highest rating programmes in Comedy Central's history. Read more >>


Facing the music
[Daphne Cooper] Face the Music is described as a "high-voltage show combining chart-topping songs and dazzling dance moves with the novel, fun format of a spectacular music game show". It is all that, but like most things, there's good and there's not so good. Read more >>

Bizcommunity.com launches online shopping portal, BizBuy
Bizcommunity.com is proud to announce the launch of its own online shopping portal, BizBuy, focusing on two categories, Business products and Lifestyle products. Read more >>

TOPS Gugulethu Wine Festival 2012

Avastar Nightclub


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