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Comair share price doesn't react to FlySafair

Is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange efficient at quickly transforming news into share price adjustments? Possibly, but it was surprising that Comair's share price rose on a day when the news broke that FlySafair had received its licence from the Air Services Licencing Council (ASLC).

By Rob Baker 22 Apr 2014

Rise of the smaller airlines

At the start of this year I made 22 predictions for travel in South Africa, one of which was that I expected a new airline to start up. This prediction is coming true, but in a completely unexpected way.

By Rob Baker 24 Feb 2014

The role of a state-owned airline

Whilst government has a clear role in delivering essential services to the needy, you won't find many of the millions of suffering South Africans at airports or on flights. Quite the opposite in fact, as once you've become a "jetsetter" you've arrived at a space unavailable to the poor. So, why are government involved in the airline industry?

By Rob Baker 9 Oct 2013

SA Express - still trying to figure out its net asset value

The most telling bit of information released about SA Express last week, was on page 165 of the Annual Report of the Department of Public Enterprises: "No impairment for the current year for South African Express (SAX) has been provided as the current year net asset value is not available." Impairments are changes in the value of an asset, which are obviously impossible to specify if one does not know what the value of the asset was at the start and end of the period.

By Rob Baker 30 Sep 2013

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