Kate Stubbs

Executive Marketing at Barloworld Logistics
Location:South Africa


With a degree in Business Management, Ms Stubbs joined Barloworld Logistics in 2002, prior to which she worked both locally and internationally. Following five years' experience as general manager marketing at Barloworld Logistics she was promoted to Executive: Marketing and has held that position for the past two years.
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Preparing for a future underpinned by smart technology

Faced with ongoing disruption that is largely being fuelled by technology and innovative software development, almost every industry is being forced to rethink traditional strategies...

By Kate Stubbs, Issued by Barloworld Logistics 18 May 2017

#BizTrends2017: Stepping into the future of global supply chains and logistics

In 2017, supply chains and logistics will be shaped by smart partnerships...

By Kate Stubbs 9 Jan 2017

Harnessing change: why future success belongs to the first movers

Many are looking to capitalise on key opportunities and trends that have very clearly emerged from a complex and fast-moving business ecosystem...

By Kate Stubbs 24 Aug 2016

A complex marketplace demands a 'Smart Strategy'

In today's business environment, one of the major obstacles to long-term success is the belief that a business can generalise - and be all things to all people....

By Kate Stubbs 4 Aug 2016

Why is outsourcing still a dirty word?

Amongst South African business leaders, outsourcing is still something of a dirty word. For many, it denotes weakness and an inability to properly grow and manage...

By Kate Stubbs 23 Jun 2016

Forget cost management, think value management

As a business, it has always been wise to regularly look back and reflect on progress (or the lack thereof), and to then take stock of the current trajectory...

By Kate Stubbs 24 May 2016

Leaders need to plan for industry disruption

The working world of today is characterised by constant change. Across indsutries and sector, the business landscape is dominated by change and market disruption...

By Kate Stubbs 18 Jan 2016

Five megatrends set to impact your business

There are what research group Frost & Sullivan define as 'megatrends' that demand a different and more strategic approach from business leaders...

By Kate Stubbs 18 Jan 2016

Supply chain survey underlines importance of customer service

One of the key elements that gave rise to this year's supplychainforesight theme, 'The Rise and Fall of Customers and Companies', was that the need to improve customer service had been ranked as a top objective by respondents for the past three years.

By Kate Stubbs 9 Apr 2014

Emerging markets key to SA's growth

The annual supplychainforesight survey, conceptualised by Barloworld Logistics and based on independent study by international research firm Frost & Sullivan, has released its 2013 results.

By Kate Stubbs 23 Oct 2013

Logistics needs to match digitally empowered customers

The rise in e-commerce and its associated challenges and opportunities is spurring the need for innovation in the way businesses and their supply chains need to operate, with the emergence of digitally empowered consumers.

By Kate Stubbs 10 Oct 2013

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