Justin Smith

Head of Woolworths Good Business Journey
Location:South Africa


Justin Smith is head of the Woolworths Good Business Journey (Sustainability Programme). He is responsible for the strategy, structure and integration across the business to deliver its over 200 targets across transformation, social development, environmental issues and climate change.
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#BizTrends2017: Why more than ever, sustainability is good business

South African companies, including those in the retail sector, continue to experience a significant change in mindset among customers. The reality is that doing business is no longer just about profit, but also about creating shared value and meeting responsibilities to contribute to inclusive economic development, and to give back to communities and our planet...

By Justin Smith 12 Jan 2017

[BizTrends 2016] Conscious consumerism in the retail space

Conscious consumerism and innovation are on the rise in the retail space and customers are demanding that increased attention is paid to sustainability...

By Justin Smith 18 Jan 2016

5 steps to stimulating demand for sustainable products in a competitive marketplace

Responsibly sourced timber is better for the environment, better for business and better for everyone involved in the timber trade, but how do we communicate that to consumers?

By Justin Smith 3 Sep 2015

Sustainability at the heart of business

The only way to accomplish your sustainability goals is by fundamentally changing your approach to business.

By Justin Smith 19 Jul 2013

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