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Medical disaster relief unit assists Hout Bay fire victimsWith a recent fire destroying 2,200 homes and leaving about 10,000 people displaced in Mandela Park Hout Bay, the community was left traumatised and in desperate need of support. The Cipla Foundation installed a disaster relief medical unit, which is now fully operational and located on the Hout Bay sports grounds in close proximity to the affected area to provide assistance to the community. 24 Mar 2017 Read more>>

Medical disaster relief unit deployed to Hout Bay to assist fire victimsAn estimated 15,000 people were left homeless after the fire that ravaged Mandela Park Hout Bay left the community traumatised and in desperate need of support. The Cipla Foundation will be deploying a disaster relief medical unit to provide assistance to the affected community. 20 Mar 2017 Read more>>

#ImpactMoments: Shap'Left Medstores - Eastern CapeVery often within the NGO space the good work that many NGOs do isn't communicated very well and the story of the people on the ground that have been impacted, how the individuals lives have changed for the better and then as a direct result how their community has benefitted. 15 Mar 2017 Read more>>

Cipla bursary scheme now open for entries Cipla SA, South Africa's third largest pharmaceutical company, is encouraging all students in their first, second or third/final year, who want to make a difference in the world by becoming a part of the pharmaceutical industry, to apply for a bursary at the company. 14 Feb 2017 Read more>>

Cipla launches revolutionary respiratory inhaler in SACipla today announced the launch of its innovative inhaler called Synchrobreathe. This state-of-the-art breath-actuated inhaler (BAI) will bring great relief to millions of South Africans with obstructive airway diseases (OAD) such as asthma. 18 Jan 2017 Read more>>

David Grier to run 1,100km in 20 days to bring 10 smiles to 10 children - The Power of 10 challengeCipla Foundation, Cipla SA's social enterprise division, is planning an adventure which will see endurance athletes David Grier and Andrew Stuart running 1,100 kilometres over a period of 20 days with the aim of raising R110,000 over this period for the Cipla Miles for Smiles initiative, which raises funds and awareness for Operation Smile. 14 Nov 2016 Read more>>

#NotAskingForAnything | Cipla Foundation SAOur #NotAskingForAnything campaign is more than just a social media hashtag. It's a heartfelt invitation for anyone - from regular, good-hearted people, all the way to big businesses and corporations - to join us in doing whatever we can for real people in need. 7 Nov 2016 Read more>>

The Evolution of Asthma TreatmentAsthma continues to be a significant problem globally, as the Global Asthma Report lists the disease as the 14th most important disorder in the world in terms of the extent and duration of disability. While current treatment programmes are effective for patients with mild-to-moderate asthma, patients who fail to control their disease can escalate to acute asthma or even become unresponsive to current treatment efforts, placing them at an increased risk of passing away from the disease. 30 Sep 2016 Read more>>

The global and South African need for ECD centresA proper foundation is the key to emotional, physical and cognitive success in childhood, as well as later on in life. Investing in Early Childhood Development (ECD) will set children up for these sorts of achievements. The question is, to what extent has the world and, more specifically, South Africa invested in ECD? 13 Sep 2016 Read more>>

Early childhood development campus launched in Kaboweni- MbombelaThe Department of Social Development in Mbombela, in collaboration with the Cipla Foundation, on 2 June launched a specialised early childhood development (ECD) campus in the informal settlement of Kaboweni. This fire resistant structure is geared to provide quality ECD facilities and services to the 40,000 inhabitants of the settlement. 12 Sep 2016 Read more>>

Cipla Announces Africa Expansion Strategy During International AIDS ConferenceOn the 18th July 2016, Cipla Limited today announced that negotiations to establish manufacturing facilities in Morocco and later in Algeria are in advanced stages of discussion. The pharmaceutical aims to establish these facilities through joint ventures, thereby increasing its antiretroviral (ARV) manufacturing capacity in Africa. 18 Jul 2016 Read more>>

Cipla completes acquisition of generic businesses in USCipla, a global pharmaceutical company which uses technology and innovation to meet the everyday needs of all patients, today announced that its UK arm, Cipla (EU) Limited has closed the transaction to acquire two US-based companies, InvaGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Exelan Pharmaceuticals Inc. The acquisition was made by Cipla (EU) Limited through a wholly owned special purpose vehicle which would merge into InvaGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. after the acquisition. The combined revenue for the two companies for the year-ended 2015 is over USD230 million. 4 May 2016 Read more>>

Dr Hamied on AsthmaPatent monopolies on life-saving drugs: the biggest killer of our time? It's a burning issue: should pharmaceutical companies be granted patent monopolies on life-saving drugs they have developed if it is costing millions of lives? 13 Feb 2016 Read more>>

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