We rise together: Collaboration and Africa's economic future
We rise together: Collaboration and Africa's economic future

The key to business sustainability is changing how we think about competition and partnership. The business landscape is beginning to shift away from the traditional competition model, especially in Africa, to a form of capitalism that is more open to collaboration. When it comes to making a positive impact on the world, of course, there is immense power in joining forces to create collective impact at a scale far beyond what any one company could achieve alone.

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African innovation hub.
African hubs endorse innovation policy manifesto

A total of 90 African hubs from 32 countries with more than 450,000 innovators within their combined community, created and endorsed the Africa Innovation Policy Manifesto during the i4policy African Innovation Hub Convention, held on the sidelines of the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, this week.

By Tom Jackson 16 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: The digital life expectancy of Africa's youth
#AfricaMonth: The digital life expectancy of Africa's youth

There is no doubt that Africa's digital-born, digital-first Generation Z - emerging as the largest youth population concentrated in Africa - will play a definitive role in not only creating a digital economy for Africa, but also have an impact on how the Afro-optomistic 'Africa Rising' narrative is played out on the global stage. These are the skills they will need met.

By Louise Marsland 8 May 2018

Marco Croella, chief operating officer of StreetLib.
Italian StreetLib and Nigerian Publiseer partner to distribute more African literature

Publiseer, a Nigerian digital book publishing platform, and StreetLib, an Italian ebook aggregator, have concluded a partnership that will see more African literature and non-fiction books published and distributed across more global book platforms worldwide.

7 May 2018