'Massive' infrastructure spending needed in Africa, says report
'Massive' infrastructure spending needed in Africa, says report

Economic growth in Africa picked up steam last year and is set to accelerate strongly in 2018, but "massive investments" are needed in infrastructure, the African Development Bank (ADB) said Wednesday, 17 January.

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The future of food production: Robots revolutionising agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most basic and vital industries in the world as it provides us food and fuel necessary for our daily living. In the present age of rapid population growth and limited availability of land, agricultural production must increase to meet the growing demand. Moreover, in the current generation, most of the countries do not have enough skilled manpower to handle the agricultural tasks which are impacting their growth.

By Piyush Mandhare 22 hours ago


Shoprite feels African slowdown
Shoprite feels African slowdown

Shoprite's non-South African supermarket division recorded negative growth for the six months to December, owing to the effect of lower commodity prices on and the depreciation of currencies of the countries in which the group operates.

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What travel marketers need to know about Facebook's News Feed change
What travel marketers need to know about Facebook's News Feed change

In your dual role as travel marketer and Facebook consumer, the news that Facebook is going to 'clean-up' your News Feed will likely be met with a mix of joy and despair.

By Natalia Rosa 2 days ago


Corporate boardrooms: where are the women?
Corporate boardrooms: where are the women?

When a woman rises to the top rung of the traditionally all-male corporate ladder in Africa, it's front-page news because women's progress in business leadership on the continent continues to be achingly slow.

By Kwamboka Oyaro 3 days ago


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Study: Honeybees' attraction to fungicide 'unsettling' for food output

Honeybees are attracted to a fungicide used in agriculture with "unsettling implications" for global food production, a scientist said on Tuesday. Tests carried out by a team from the University of Illinois showed bees preferred to collect sugar syrup laced with the fungicide chlorothalonil over sugar syrup alone.

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#BizTrends2018: The low-down on 2018 PR and marketing trends

This year is going to continue to be a tough journey for all businesses as they grapple for market share and growth during a difficult economy.

By Janine Lloyd 15 Jan 2018


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Global potato processing market to surpass $3,500m by 2025

The global potato processing market is estimated to be valued at $2,327.3m, in terms of revenue, in 2017, according to a new report published by Coherent Market Insights.

By Sayali Tribhuvan 12 Jan 2018


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2017 global food prices highest since 2014 despite December decline

According to the latest FAO Food Price Index, global food prices declined in December, led by a decrease for vegetable oils and dairy products. The index stood at 169.8 points in December 2017, down 3.3% from November. However, the index averaged 174.6 points in 2017, up 8.2% from 2016 and reaching the highest annual average since 2014.

12 Jan 2018