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Financing infrastructure and energy projects

Without a solid infrastructure or a stable energy supply, sustainable development and economic growth in any context is virtually an impossible dream.

By Nicci Botha 27 Nov 2015 11:22

Long-term investments still sound

News headlines all over the world paint a less than positive global economic picture and South Africa's economic outlook has been sobering this year with structural concerns like slow growth, high unemployment and a struggling Budget deficit. Regrettably, 2016 does not look set to bring much relief, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently predicting merely 1.5% growth for SA next year.

26 Nov 2015 11:43

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The future of short-term insurance

If clients are at the centre of our businesses, we have to adapt to their shopping preferences. If they want to shop online, then we have at least to meet them half way by creating the necessary channels and platforms for them to evaluate their options properly.

By Gideon Galloway 26 Nov 2015 11:30

Mastercard Foundation and partners launch i2i data facility

The MasterCard Foundation, FinMark Trust and Cenfri have partnered to launch and support a data facility designed to help people living in poverty to get access to secure, affordable and convenient financial services.

26 Nov 2015 06:00

Glen Bresler
The tax effects of receiving distributions from a foreign trust

Certain South African tax residents are beneficiaries of trusts that are constituted and operated off-shore. When the South African taxpayer receives a distribution or award from this foreign trust, there are a numbers of important matters to consider in order to correctly disclose this receipt in your local tax return. There are even circumstances where you do not actually receive an award from the foreign trust but when the income of that trust must be declared in your South African tax return. This article looks at the matters that need to be considered in both sets of circumstances in order to ensure that you are making full and proper disclosure in your South African Tax return.

By Glen Bresler, Issued by Meredith Harington 25 Nov 2015 13:41

Consumers urged to support green car initiative
Consumers urged to support green car initiative

South African consumers have the power to substantially reduce their carbon footprints by making choices such as buying 'green' rather than 'brown' vehicles.

25 Nov 2015 11:26

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Opening the doors to finance for SMEs

On a continent where traditional jobs are scarce, building a strong base of entrepreneurs and small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) seems like the logical solution. But lack of access to finance remains a primary reason why these enterprises don't succeed.

By Nicci Botha 25 Nov 2015 11:02

Five trends shaping banking in Africa
Five trends shaping banking in Africa

Financial sector leaders and policy makers from across Africa and global market participants active in the continent are still optimistic about Africa's economic growth.

24 Nov 2015 17:23

Changes in Zimbabwe might attract investors
Changes in Zimbabwe might attract investors

Experts agree that Zimbabwe's current debt and energy problems could be just the catalysts the country needs for radical reforms that could convince foreign investors to return.

24 Nov 2015 16:58

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Kaspersky Lab: avoiding online fraud at all costs

According to Kaspersky Lab's latest report based on Corporate IT Security Risks Survey results - a global survey of more than 5,500 company executives and professionals from 26 countries - 60% of businesses admitted experiencing at least one IT security incident which can lead to or may be related to financial fraud.

24 Nov 2015 12:58

Ascendis Health expands operation with R345 million acquisition
Ascendis Health expands operation with R345 million acquisition

Ascendis Health has expanded its operation into the manufacture and distribution of branded generic prescription, over-the-counter and complementary medicines, with the purchase of Akacia Healthcare for R345 million.

24 Nov 2015 12:40