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Theresa Mallinson
Journalists targeted in run-up to Egyptian elections

[Theresa Mallinson] When Egyptians went to the polls on Monday, several journalists and bloggers were still nursing bruises and broken limbs after the crackdown on the media in the lead up to the elections. Others remained in jail. Seems the country's current military rulers are no better than the Mubarak regime - certainly not in their treatment of the press, particularly female journalists.

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Andre Rademan
The World's Online Populations

[Andre Rademan] CyberAtlas keeps an updated list of how many people are online in every country with the winners being United States (168m), Germany (26m), Japan (22m). South Africa comes in at 1.5 million users (Nielsen//NetRatings). The percentages of people online indicating the extent of the digital divide are United States (60%), UK (55%), Germany (31%), Italy (19%), France (18%) and South Africa (3.5%).

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Issa Sikiti da Silva
Mubarak gone, Egyptian media picks up pieces - where to from here?

Mubarak gone, Egyptian media picks up pieces - where to from here?[Issa Sikiti da Silva] After nursing its wounds inflicted by the tyrannical regime of Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian media - aided by the Jasmine Revolution - has begun to count the costs of the oppression, pull itself together and plan for the future. As the road to freedom is still littered with 'technical' obstacles, many observers wonder: where to from here?

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Jeremy Daniel
Google, Twitter set up voice-to-tweet service for Egypt

Google, Twitter set up voice-to-tweet service for Egypt[Jeremy Daniel] As the Egyptian government feverishly tries to cut off all contact with the outside world, Google, working in collaboration with Twitter, has set up an innovative service for Egyptians desperate to communicate and stay in touch. It's a service called voice to tweet, and relies on software from a company called SayNow that Google purchased only last week.

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Issa Sikiti da Silva
Hope for African media after Tunisian revolution?

Hope for African media after Tunisian revolution?[Issa Sikiti da Silva] The Tunisian people's revolution, which pushed President Ben Ali out of power after 23 years of bloody and corrupt rule, has also precipitated the release of some journalists and bloggers from jail and lifted media restrictions. Many African editors and journalists - already operating in a hostile environments - are now hoping that similar winds of change will spread to other parts of the continent.

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Walter Wafula
Egyptian government to train 20 African journalists

Egyptian government to train 20 African journalists[Walter Wafula] The Egyptian government has offered scholarships to 20 African journalists including one Ugandan, to sharpen their news reporting skills.

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Gregory Gondwe
Saudi Arabia joins Zain's One Network

Saudi Arabia joins Zain's One Network[Gregory Gondwe] Zain Malawi announced that Malawians can now easily link with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after launching commercial services on 26 August 2008, in that country.

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Design is the new gold

Design is the new gold[Terry Levin] The contingent of design devotees at the milestone 10th Design Indaba which opened at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town yesterday, Wednesday 21 February, is this year encouragingly made up of 56% business decision-makers, with approximately 20% of delegates from destinations as far afield as the Netherlands and Nigeria.

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Simone Puterman
Simone Puterman commented on Anti-Telkom ads run today
Between Telkom and Eskom, is anyone getting any work done?
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Richard Clarke
Forlorn, forgotten forerunner of cosmopolitan South Africa

[Richard Clarke] Remember the trendy, hip place that was the place to be. Yeoville in the 80's. Whether the place went down before the marketability edge was lost or the market was moved to more trendy places and things leaving a vacuum is a moot point.

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