If you could change one thing forever, what would it be?

That's the question posed in the month of September through the Change4ever initiative presented by the Southern Africa Trust. So what would you change? 3 Sep 2008

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Sponsorship in need of a paradigm shift

As a sponsorship practitioner it is both sad and unfortunate to see that major corporates are still biased and committed to investing most of their sponsorship budgets into sports. 27 Sep 2005

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Difficulty getting sponsorship

I am in one of SA's fastest growing bands and we're looking for a financial partner. We've been to most of the big brands that usually get on board, but it seems that the wrong people are in charge of sponsorships and marketing these days. 15 Sep 2005

Is Corporate Social Investment only about Community Development?

It appears to me that companies still want to earn some kind of indirect advertising by being involved in these programmes. 17 Jan 2005

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Why are SA companies so eager to sponsor sport?

Why do most SA company sponsor sport with huge amounts of money, but when it comes to helping the community they don't have money? 8 Nov 2004

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Sponsorships on

I'm an avid viewer of the programme on SABC 1 and particular note that this current run has no major sponsor as opposed to the first run with Cell C? 6 Sep 2004

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