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Which blogging site to use?

It seems there is a plethora of sites out there which offer blogs. Which are the good ones to use? 30 Jan 2007

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SA top BEE agency?

Umlilo brands is a new advertising agency (only open for 2 months) and is claiming to be SA's Top BEE Advertising Agency - I say prove it. Go to 29 Jan 2007

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Market-related salary for an online copywriter

I am trying to establish exactly what the salary scope is for an online copywriter. 29 Jan 2007

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Durban online industry

Where are the companies 23 Jan 2007

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Do you use Google to research people that you plan to employ?

One thing that I do is look up companies that I am either going to do some work for or if I am going for a job interview with them. I was just not sure if it work the other way round or do they take your CV at face value and a bit of work you have done on a CD. 7 Nov 2005

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