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Celebrating awards past, looking ahead at awards to come… - 20 Apr 2015

[Rod Baker] It was an eventful weekend award-wise, with the 2015 MTN Radio Awards winners announced, as well as the winners of the 2015 PRISM Awards. Danette Breitenbach attended the PRISM Awards and shares insight into how the night turned dreams into reality for some PR consultancies and practitioners. Flip through our gallery of the 2015 PRISM Awards to see the winners on stage, on the red carpet, and in their seats at The Maslow Hotel. In light of all these accolades, it's fitting that we start planning ahead for big local award ceremonies still to come. One way to do so is to look into BBDO's expectations for the [Loeries 2015]. Leigh Andrews found out what the agency's creative team of Alexis Beckett, Brad Reilly, Johann Schwella and Liam Olding are most looking forward to from the Loeries Durban Creative Week, taking place from 10 to 16 August this year. read more

Jimi in a jam… - 13 Apr 2015

[Rod Baker] Once again, the SABC is in the news for all the wrong reasons, this time due to head of news Jimi Matthews, who allegedly assaulted a female member of staff when the feed was lost during Zuma's SONA. At the end of it all, it seems that it was probably the jamming device 'wot done it', and now there are calls for Matthews to be suspended over the assault claim. In a happier - and less physical - report, Louise Marsland in her [TrendTalk] looks at 'Branding for good' and how the tide has turned in marketing, with products and campaigns from big brands working hard at providing solutions to societal problems. read more

SABC News to scrap non-English languages? - 30 Mar 2015

[Rod Baker] In terms of its own mandate and charter, and its core values - all readily readable on its own website - the SABC makes it clear that it will provide services in all 11 official languages. And what service in one's own language is more important than the news? Let's face it, it's an irritation when you cannot understand what an actor is saying in his or her latest film as it's being broadcast in your non-mother tongue, but when it comes to news, you need to know what is going on. Alas, it seems only those who speak English will be catered for as of later this week, because according to a media report, SABC News plans to scrap bulletins in Afrikaans, vernacular languages. Next, Chris Brewer asks: How much is an idea worth? and uses as an example a subject close to our wallets... read more

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time… - 23 Mar 2015

[Rod Baker] Chris Brewer remembers all too well the agony of SAARF's Council meetings of past and what he refers to as the elephant in the SAARF boardroom. In his regular column on Bizcommunity.com, Brendan Seery's [Orchids & Onions] gives an orchid to FCB and Toyota for their warning on 50 shades of pirate parts. read more

Giving print a bad name - 16 Mar 2015

[Rod Baker] Chris Moerdyk has an issue with a newspaper article and magazine opinion piece as examples of how newspapers and magazines are giving print a bad name, while namesake Chris Brewer asks whether you're ready to attend the AMPS LSM funeral. As he says, "Hands up all those people who think they know what an LSM is and actually use this to define target markets, plan media schedules - or anything else, for that matter..." Then, Leigh Andrews writes on one of the biggest topics affecting the local marketing industry today - the epic impact of global-local acquisitions and mergers. read more

How the media used tech to cover the #Capefire - 9 Mar 2015

[Rod Baker] The fires that devastated large areas of the Cape Peninsula last week were covered extensively. Now, Stuart Thomas reports on the drones, maps and social networks SA's tech-savvy media used to report on the #CapeFire. Moving to fires that rage internally, Tiffany Markman is amazed by the fact that when it comes to business writing unless you are ready for a whole world of drama, you can't really say what you mean or say what you want to say. read more

Focus on Design Indaba - 2 Mar 2015

[Rod Baker] One of the highlights of the annual calendar is, what else... Design Indaba and as always, we were there, bringing you the latest from the world of design. On the media front, it pays to get mad - which is what happened when members of the media found their cellphone signals blocked during Jacob Zuma's SONA. read more

On your marks, get set… all things design-centric full steam ahead - 23 Feb 2015

[Rod Baker] With the dust barely settled on last week's Bookmarks Awards, Danette Breitenbach speaks to a number of winners to find out why exactly a Bookmarks win is meaningful (hint: the actual winning is the least important aspect.) It's set to be a busy week for the design-minded among us, with the Design Indaba conference kicking off at the CTICC later this week and the expo running all weekend. Leigh Andrews will be attending, and got an exclusive teaser from Joe Public agency's Executive Creative Director Xolisa Dyeshana and Chief Creative Officer, Pepe Marais on what we can expect from their conference-opening talk. read more

Unhappy banker wants Sunday Times gagged - 16 Feb 2015

[Rod Baker] Banking giant HSBC has threatened the Sunday Times for exposing the wealthy South Africans who stashed R23bn in secretive Swiss bank accounts, demanding all this data be 'destroyed'. According to the newspaper's report, the list of South African clients who held bank accounts with the secretive HSBC Bank in Switzerland include CEOs of top blue-chip companies, diamond dealers, sports stars and a key figure in the arms deal. On a lighter note, we carry a Q&A with IAB Digital Summit speaker Eyabo Macauley. She is Head of EMEA Advertising at Shazam, and tells us why she thinks it's important for brands to create interactive content for campaigns... And finally, last week Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show host Warren Harding (@bizWazza) was joined in studio by Dillon Mann (@dillonmann), Head of Communications for the World Wide Web Foundation (@webfoundation). read more

SABC drama - 9 Feb 2015

[Rod Baker] It's back in the news again for all the wrong reasons, this time because Communications Minister Faith Muthambi and COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng have been accused of a hostile takeover of the national broadcaster. The DA claims that recent developments pose a great threat to the corporation's independence. Gravity beckoned - and Mugabe answered the call... read more

Adspend - 2 Feb 2015

[Rod Baker] The New Age (153,000 readers, according to AMPS) enjoyed R10,199,988 of government spending in 2013-2014, says PoliticsWeb. Sowetan (with 1,674,000 readers - more than 10 times more than The New Age) got R10,434,476 - about R240,000 more to play with. read more

Online advertising – how’s 2015 shaping up so far? - 26 Jan 2015

[Rod Baker] First up, Gustav Goosen looks at the big online advertising trends for 2015. He reckons that while it's always been a highly competitive space, this seemed the case more than ever this past year, and gives us a hint of what to expect in 2015. read more

Trends - 19 Jan 2015

[Rod Baker] Writing on SA youth lifestyle and culture for our special [Trends 2015] section, Bradley Maseko reckons 2015 will be an impactful year for the youth of South Africa if you consider personal brand differentiation, spending and media behaviour, to the trend of visual domination. Building on this, Adene van der Walt says there are five key strategies that marketers and advertisers need to embrace this year and that we need a return to marketing fundamentals. The key takeout of these is to deliver products that are up to date and innovative, while remaining true to your brand's core values. Next up, Mike Sharman speaks forth on online influencers as the billboards of 2015 and says brands need to enhance their cult status to win over Generation Z. And finally... read more

Another SABC board resignation and outrage over Charlie Hebdo attack - 12 Jan 2015

[Rod Baker] It's almost becoming monotonous... In December, the SABC board chair Ellen Tshabalala resigned - finally - after a long and pointless legal battle to keep her job after she had been found to have lied about her qualifications (she doesn't have what she claimed to have). read more

2015... Bring it on! - 15 Dec 2014

[Rod Baker]

2015... Bring it on!

Well, we've reached the end of the year, albeit too often in the dark, but this is the time of the year when we get together with our families and friends and enjoy our time together. So from all of us here at Bizcommunity.com, to all of you - our clients, advertisers, readers and followers - a hearty Best Wishes to you all, and to those dear to you. read more

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