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Online advertising – how’s 2015 shaping up so far? - 26 Jan 2015

[Rod Baker] First up, Gustav Goosen looks at the big online advertising trends for 2015. He reckons that while it's always been a highly competitive space, this seemed the case more than ever this past year, and gives us a hint of what to expect in 2015. read more

Trends - 19 Jan 2015

[Rod Baker] Writing on SA youth lifestyle and culture for our special [Trends 2015] section, Bradley Maseko reckons 2015 will be an impactful year for the youth of South Africa if you consider personal brand differentiation, spending and media behaviour, to the trend of visual domination. Building on this, Adene van der Walt says there are five key strategies that marketers and advertisers need to embrace this year and that we need a return to marketing fundamentals. The key takeout of these is to deliver products that are up to date and innovative, while remaining true to your brand's core values. Next up, Mike Sharman speaks forth on online influencers as the billboards of 2015 and says brands need to enhance their cult status to win over Generation Z. And finally... read more

Another SABC board resignation and outrage over Charlie Hebdo attack - 12 Jan 2015

[Rod Baker] It's almost becoming monotonous... In December, the SABC board chair Ellen Tshabalala resigned - finally - after a long and pointless legal battle to keep her job after she had been found to have lied about her qualifications (she doesn't have what she claimed to have). read more

2015... Bring it on! - 15 Dec 2014

[Rod Baker]

2015... Bring it on!

Well, we've reached the end of the year, albeit too often in the dark, but this is the time of the year when we get together with our families and friends and enjoy our time together. So from all of us here at Bizcommunity.com, to all of you - our clients, advertisers, readers and followers - a hearty Best Wishes to you all, and to those dear to you. read more

What more can Unisa say...? No degree for Tshabalala - 8 Dec 2014

[Rod Baker] She's going down fighting... Ellen Tshabalala, found to have lied to parliament, maintains she has qualifications from Unisa. read more

RAB calls it a day - 1 Dec 2014

[Rod Baker] The South African Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB SA) announced this morning that it is closing, a move precipitated by the withdrawal of the SABC as a member, citing cost cutting. Also up there as an attention-getter for online media companies, is the report that the Film and Publications Board has selectively released a contentious draft policy for original content distributed online in South Africa, hence the question: Is online censorship looming? Some media companies are still studying the document, but in the view of at least one observer, in addition to the proposed regulation being a massive moneymaking scheme, there are other concerns around the way it could be applied. Leigh Andrews takes a look at the DMX Conference and the secret to getting your website to stand out from the rest and in the latest of our [21 Icons Season 2] we look at Zanele Situ. And last but by no means least... read more

Grim tales from Gupta TV - 24 Nov 2014

[Rod Baker] It seems life might be a bit rough for those who work at television station ANN7... the Sunday Times' Gabi Mbele reports on allegations of no gum chewing, no sickbay, no cars - and if you fail to clock in on time, your salary will be docked... read more

Bizcommunity.com launches Biz Trends 2015 - 17 Nov 2014

[Rod Baker] It's that time of the year again and Bizcommunity is launching Biz Trends 2015 - a comprehensive, curated, thought-leadership perspective on trends and consumer insights for 2015 for the media, marketing and advertising communications industries in South Africa and the continent. Woolworths is in the news again, and again it's not good news. This follows a claim by a customer who says he found a dead frog in an Italian salad he bought from Woolies. read more

It’s 'Hlauding' over for Motsoeneng… again - 10 Nov 2014

[Rod Baker] The Democratic Alliance has accused the SABC COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, of offering a former SABC HR officer a R2m 'bribe' if she would agree to testify that she knew he did not have a Matric when he filled out his application form, and basically put down whatever symbols came into his Matricless head. According to her sworn affidavit, the former HR officer not only refutes the allegation, and is apparently also on record as saying she declined the offer. read more

Your brand and how to handle social media - 3 Nov 2014

[Rod Baker] Social media has handed a great deal of power to the consumer and it's a power that can be used for a brand's benefit... or not. read more

The hidden messages in brand logos - 27 Oct 2014

[Rod Baker] For many, if not most of us, a brand logo is... well... read more

WDC turns from yellow to purple - 20 Oct 2014

[Rod Baker] Cape Town's reign as the World Design Capital 2014 has come to an end, and what a year it's been with a number of successfully launched projects. Tapei will be taking over the WDC title in 2016; purple will be the official colour. The second season of 21 Icons of South Africa has featured its 12th icon, Pregs Govender, human rights and gender activist. read more

What to wear in the future - 13 Oct 2014

[Rod Baker] The future of wearable technology is becoming more and more real, from lockets with digital photos, to a ring that can control devices. read more

Marketing for the Hashtag Nation... - 6 Oct 2014

[Rod Baker] The millenial generation have a whole different view of the world and brands need to appeal to them accordingly. read more

How important is SEM? - 29 Sep 2014

[Rod Baker] Content, online presence and SEO are all vitally important for your business. In this month's DigiChat with Andrea: Search engine marketing, we find out from SEO specialists which search engine marketing initiative is best, organic or paid? Nowadays, customers are skeptical of traditional marketing tactics, they only see a gimmick. read more

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