Best festive wishes - 15 Dec 2015

[Shan Radcliffe] Thank you for being part of Bizcommunity this year. We hope you will remain a part of our local, African and global business communities in 2016. December is considered a quiet time for business news, nevertheless we will keep you updated with daily stories across our industries throughout the festive season. read more

2015... Bring it on! - 15 Dec 2014

[Shan Radcliffe]

2015... Bring it on!

We've done it! We've reached the end of the year and it's just about time to celebrate yet another year done and dusted. read more

Here’s to a great 2014 - 7 Jan 2014

[Rod Baker] 2013 ended sadly, with Madiba's passing, but that means that we can now go into 2014 with the hope that this year will be better than the last. We in the media have the Protection of State Information Bill hanging over us; Jacob Zuma has only to sign it into law, but that in itself will, we're sure, provide for some very interesting times this year and possibly into the future, because it is almost certain that the law will be challenged, right up to the Constitutional Court. South Africa is fortunate in having a vibrant and independent media (apart from some notable exceptions) and that, and a judicial system, should ensure that any government hoping to hide the truth will face a long, hard battle. So let's head into 2014 in a positive frame of mind - even if in years to come, some may look back on them as "the bad old days". Today sees the first of our newsletters for 2014 and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all... read more

Happy holidays! - 17 Dec 2013

[Shan Radcliffe] The end of the year is just around the corner and this marks our last medical newsletter for 2013. We would like to thank all our readers, clients, contributors and business partners for your support throughout the year. read more

Thanks for all your support in 2012 - 18 Dec 2012

[Shan Radcliffe] Today sees our last newsletters for the year, with the first 2013 edition of Bizcommunity Medical to be published on 8 January. But for those who haven't disappeared to a remote island with no WiFi for the holidays, we will keep updating the site over the festive break. read more

Have a happy, healthy holiday - 12 Dec 2011

[Shan Radcliffe] Today's publication is our last medical newsletter for 2011, but we will be back in your inbox from Monday, 9 January 2012. read more

Here's to a happy - and healthy - 2010 - 14 Dec 2009

[Rod Baker] Today's newsletters are our last medical newsletters for 2009, and we will be sending out the first of our 2010 newsletters on 11 January 2010. Until then, to all our subscribers, clients, contributors, business partners and visitors to our sites, may you all have a restful, peaceful, safe and enjoyable year-end break [add your own message to our Festive Tribute 2009 page!]. read more

Of stem cells - 9 Mar 2009

[Bridget Farham] Today, Barak Obama should reverse George Bush's decision to prevent research into embyronic stem cells that originated after 9 August, 2001. This is good news for all those suffering from spinal cord injury, stroke, Parkinson's disease and many other conditions, including diabetes of both types. read more

Nature versus nurture - 2 Mar 2009

[Bridget Farham] One of this morning's news items reports on research that suggests that unhappy children grow into unhealthy adults. There is a strong psychological component to illness, but one wonders which comes first in this case. read more

Changing lifestyles - 23 Feb 2009

[Bridget Farham] There are three items in this morning's newsletter that point to the idea that we can have control over our health. A recent report from the UK suggests that lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking too much, too little exercise and poor eating habits markedly increase your risk of stroke, the changing types of breast cancer and the idea that abused children experience brain changes that result in difficulties handling stress in later life. The first item shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who keeps up with the medical literature. read more

A question of balance - 16 Feb 2009

[Bridget Farham] One of the articles in today's newsletter reports on the problems that women in East Timor have in obtaining a safe, legal abortion. The laws in East Timor make abortion a difficult - and so unsafe - option for women. read more

Overservicing - 9 Feb 2009

[Bridget Farham] We recently had to take my father-in-law to hospital. He is in his mid-80s and has what is effectively terminal ischaemic heart disease. read more

Contrasts - 2 Feb 2009

[Bridget Farham] This weeked I had to take my elderly father through to the emergency unit of a local private hospital. Fortunately they were not busy and he was seen promptly. read more

An unkown killer - 26 Jan 2009

[Bridget Farham] One of today's articles tells us the someone dies of rabies in Africa every 20 minutes - usually a child. Down here, on the toe of the continent, this figure is almost unbelievable. read more

Raise a glass - 19 Jan 2009

[Bridget Farham] Let's start the week on a cheerful note. One of today's articles shows that if you marinate steak in red wine or beer you reduce its carcinogenic potential - what good news! In this land of red meat and braaivleis yet another use for red wine and beer can only be welcome. Consuming regular braai meat is associated with an increase in stomach cancer - something that seems relatively prevalent in the South African community. read more

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