Cool Beanz - 11 Dec 2012

By Rod Baker: Content Director

Cool Beanz - Tue, 11 Dec 2012It's going to be a good festive season for Jelly Beanz after they were handed a cheque for R500,000 by Bernhard Maier, a member of Porsche's executive board. It's the second sizeable donation by Porsche in as many years.

On the agriculture front, farmers and unions have been urged to negotiate in good faith. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has urged representatives of Agri-SA and unions to negotiate in good faith for the minimum wage demand for farmworkers. That's all very well, but in the meantime perhaps she can also urge farmworkers to remain peaceful and also not damage crops and equipment.

Come fly with me... if you can afford it! IATA says airlines will carry 3,6bn passengers by 2016 - a rise of at least 28% in the coming years to hit 3.6 billion in 2016, with China accounting for nearly one-in-four new travellers. Keeping ticket prices reasonable would go some way towards ensuring that that prediction comes true.

Don't come fly with me...Budgets and mechanical setbacks are hurting SANDF, which is buckling under the strain of crippling budget and mechanical setbacks. We have submarines up on blocks and Gripen fighters flying only a tiny portion of the time they should be flying. So we have all these shiny new weapons platforms... but we can't afford to run them. Brilliant!

Equally brilliant, but in a good way, is our tame motoring editor, Henrie Geyser, who waxes lyrical on the new Honda CR-V, which he reckons has added market traction. And a lot of attractions... in action, and even when not in action.
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