Labour unrest: SA faces decisive choices - 4 Dec 2012

By Rod Baker: Content Director

Labour unrest: SA faces decisive choices - Tue, 04 Dec 2012Agri SA says that the choices on labour unrest will be decisive for South Africa. It says in a statement that it is evident that the wage and related challenges are not exclusively, but mainly that of seasonal workers who have to earn their annual income over a period of a few months.

On the education front, something really needs to be done to jack up our education system after the latest results show that maths and science skills remain poor, with grade nine pupils recording a dismal average score of 12.7% in mathematics and 35% in first additional language in the Department of Basic Education's second annual national assessments of pupils' mathematics and literacy abilities.

Such results will have a massive impact on school-leavers' ability to find employment.

On the tourism front, Chris Moerdyk asks: Is SA being priced out of the tourist market? As comments on the article seem to have it, the answer could be a big "Yes!" and remember, once tourists have been ripped off - or feel they have been ripped off - they will never come back, and they will tell everyone they know.

Finally, Amelia Jones reckons that the proposed BEE amendments are nonsensical, immoral and counter-productive and will hamper social development efforts in the Western Cape and elsewhere.
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