Table Mountain has its day in the sun - 20 Nov 2012

By Sindy Peters: Group Head, Content

Table Mountain has its day in the sun - Tue, 20 Nov 2012Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain will officially be inaugurated as one of the New7wonders of Nature this December, and the City of Cape Town is going all out to celebrate the occasion! Expect a free concert for the public affair followed by a Table Mountain float joining a procession through the city. A big thanks must be made to SANParks for taking such good care of the South African ecological treasure!

On trend with going green, the SA Post Office plans on procuring 90 electric scooters by 2015 in order to reduce it's CO2 emissions. But they're not stopping there... By 2020 it plans on being carbon neutral - now here's a sustainability goal we can all aspire to!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could volunteer at a NPO you're passionate about, AND get paid to do it - I bet a lot more people would get to some serious do-gooding if that were the case... cue the Vodacom Change the World programme. Vodacom will pay you a monthly salary if you dedicate your time, energy and skills to a local NPO for a year. It's as easy as approaching a NPO, gaining their support, agreeing on an action plan and submitting your application.

Finally, gather your friends and family and head down to the annual AFDA Film Festival student showcase this weekend in Joburg, Cape Town, and Durban. More than 50 films will be screening, produced by the school's third and fourth year students. They're also going online this year, so go forth and interact.
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