We are marching in Pretoria - 25 Sep 2012

By Rod Baker, content director

We are marching in Pretoria - Tue, 25 Sep 2012It's that bill again, and since the ANC caucus in parliament has called for an end to debate and for the contentious bill to be voted through in its present form, R2K is to march in Pretoria on International Right to Know Day - 28 September 2012. The opposition to this bill will continue as long as government stonewalls on key amendments.

On the crime front, according to the latest stats, KZN has recorded the largest drop in murder cases. That's scant comfort for the families and friends of murder victims. Gauteng, however, although recording some of the biggest decreases in key crimes, still tops the list as the most crime-ridden province.

Here's some sweet news for you... According to this report, if SA adopts new technology that Brazil has been using, technology 'can double sugar cane yields' in this country.

Get your wallet out... It looks like e-tolling could be here to stay, and that concerns the Opposition to Urban Tolling Association (OUTA). One of its main concerns is that the voices of Gauteng motorists, who will have to pay to use the roads, were not heard in the Constitutional Court. E-tolling is almost certain to have an impact on inflation: every company operating in Gauteng, or with employees in Gauteng, or having dealings with any company that operates there or has vehicles passing through there, will face increased costs. And you know they will have to pass them on.

So don't think you're home free because you happen to live in any of the other provinces. You'll also be paying.
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