Telkom in the firing line - 18 Sep 2012

By Rod Baker, content director

Telkom in the firing line - Tue, 18 Sep 2012There are some people who might be forgiven for having a sense of schadenfreude at the news that while Telkom is appealing against the fine it got for uncompetitive behaviour, the Competition Commission is also appealing - for a heftier fine. For years South Africans from all walks of life have bemoaned Telkom's high charges. Organisations need to know that when people reckon they are being ripped off, there can be consequences.

Good news for Denel is that a new agreement strengthens Denel Aerostructures' role in A400M manufacturing. It's hoped that the development will contribute significantly to the financial turnaround of the South African company and confirm its position as a top-tier supplier on the world's most advanced military airlifter.

There's more to climate change than just higher food prices... Robbie Louw writes that recent research, conducted in Cambridge, Massachusetts, links the social unrest that plagued the world during 2008/9 and 2011 to high world food prices. The research linked 28 events of social unrest in 22 countries, in which more than 12,000 people died, to the food price index exceeding a critical level.

In the wake of the Woolies saga, the government has plans to strengthen the employment equity law.

Finally, from a man who himself epitomises French flair and panache, our tame motoring editor, Henrie Geyser reckons that the new Renault Fluence literally oozes French flair.
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