Agriculture Trends 2016

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SA delegates to attend The Farmers Forum

Farmers and farmer organisations from around the globe, including SACAU, will be attending The Farmers Forum in Rome...

sonja paetow via pixabay
NAMC clarifies food prices

The National Agricultural Marketing Council released the January 2016 Food Basket Price Monthly publication as part of the NAMC mandate passed on by the Food Price Monitoring Committee...

Expected implications of the 2015 drought on the red meat industry
Expected implications of the 2015 drought on the red meat industry

During 2015 South Africa was very dry. While city dwellers and villagers blame the local municipality because of water restrictions, few of them were really aware of the actual impact of the drought...

By Frikkie Maré, Johan Willemse

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Western Cape needs R88 million to help drought-hit farmers

The Western Cape government needs R88m to avert total disaster for farmers whose livelihoods have been decimated by the drought in parts of the province. But first...

By Jenni Evans, News24

Relying on imports to feed the nation
Relying on imports to feed the nation

The ongoing El Niño has resulted in far below-average rainfall and very high temperatures in Southern Africa, adversely affecting agriculture in the region...

By Sindy Peters

East and Southern Africa battles with effects of El Niño
East and Southern Africa battles with effects of El Niño

As the El Niño phenomenon continues into 2016, the threat of extreme weather is another source of concern for countries already battling low commodity prices...

By Ruth Bookbinder

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Local edibles that grow with wild abandon around us

Loubie Rusch takes us through edible fruit and vegetables, their uses and the way she prepares them. Each is local and grows with wild abandon around us, she says...

Aland Winde (Provincial Minister of Economic Development, Zukiswa Gaqavu (corporate affairs manager), Michiel Smuts (one of the farmers who has kindly donated some animal feed).
Tonnes of feed for farmers hardest hit

Farmers in partnership with Agri Western Cape are working together to offer whatever relief they can for those who have experienced the worst of the drought...

USAID Africa Bureau via Wikimedia Commons
Southern Africa's food crisis in numbers

Southern Africa is facing the threat of extensive crop failures this year as a result of record low rainfall in the region...

By Obi Anyadike, Africa Editor

DA concerned over Western Cape farms hurt by fires
DA concerned over Western Cape farms hurt by fires

Fires wreaked havoc on vineyards in Stellenbosch, Overberg, Kogelberg and Simonsberg, with hundreds of farmers suffering damages...

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Attitudes toward agribusiness investment is changing

The traditional reluctance of investors to consider the wider agriculture sector as an alternative to other sectors such as mining, finance, telecoms, etc. is beginning to change...

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SACAU assesses drought conditions

The dismal rain season coupled with sustained record-breaking temperatures have decimated livestock and made planting largely impossible...

Islahaddow via Wikimedia Commons
Drought devastates agriculture and could cost SA R2bn in trade losses

The extreme and persistent drought has led to national agricultural production declining by more than 42%, an analysis by the Western Cape provincial government has revealed...

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Message to Davos to empower farmers

Ishmael Sunga, SACAU CEO, is taking a strong message to Davos, calling for greater global attention to the world's farmers, in particular, smallholder farmers...

skeeze via pixabay
Free State farmers need tons of feed

Free State Agriculture's second drought need assessment survey indicated that farmers in the province are desperately in need of 994,671 tons of feed...

©Gilles Paire via 123RF - the vegetable crops in Burkina Faso is the main activity in the summer when there is rain to irrigate and make a reservation of nourishment for the year.
Shine a light on the gaps

Agriculture forms the backbone of African economies. A majority of the continent's farmers earn their living on small plots of less than two hectares...

By Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Janeen Madan

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Food shortages are looming

Rapidly rising prices for the essentials of life are weighing heavily on the poor and could represent a security risk, experts have warned...

Elliot and Zodwa Nyathi - Elzo Poultry
Feathering the nest: sound businesses practices

This emerging entrepreneur recently received his biggest business deal ever with 5,000 chicks on order for Christmas. He aims to move from supplying informal traders to...

By Liesl Jobson

JoergPeters via pixabay
Eskom tariff hike will jeopardise food security - Agri WC

The proposed Eskom tariff hike of about 17% will hit the agricultural industry hard, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) heard...

By Dane Mcdonald

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US poultry exports exempt from Indiana avian flu outbreak

The outbreak of avian flu at a turkey farm in Indiana will not affect US poultry exports to SA as this possibility was dealt with in the recent agreements concluded between the two countries...

By Linda Ensor

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SA to import maize after driest season in 100 years

Drought-ravaged South Africa said on Friday, 15 January, it would import six million tonnes of the local staple maize - half of the average annual harvest - after the driest season in 100 years...

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South Africa's poor face rising food prices as drought intensifies

The South African media have been full of stories about the current drought that has gripped many parts of the northern and central regions of the country. The reporting has also been full of superlatives: this is the worst drought since 1992, for instance, or in other reports since 1984...

By Nick Vink

Dicklyon via Wikimedia Commons
The implications of a lingering drought

In the grip of a multiyear drought, the effect of a severe sub-optimal crop will be felt through the complete value chain into 2016 and beyond...

By Prof J. Willemse, Dr D. Strydom, M Venter

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The Agbiz Outlook for 2016

In Agbiz's outlook for 2015, it stated that 2015 will provide for a challenging environment for agribusinesses and farmers. This has proved to be true and 2016 will be far more so...

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Rethinking farmer custodianship of nature's resources

Consumers increasingly want to know how their food is produced and governments are moving to replace conventional fossil-fueled energy with renewable energy sources...

Stanley Quvile - community member
Teach a South African to fish and they will feed themselves

Giving a community the skills and tools they need can empower them to change their lives...

JThomas via Wikimedia Commons
Drought an opportunity to change the agribusiness landscape

While the drought is affecting the summer rainfall areas and overall food security negatively during 2016, it should also stimulate the agricultural sector...

By Nico Groenewald

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The harvest of neglect

If nothing else, the severe drought should serve as a reminder of just how important agriculture is for SA and its economy, and how seriously we should take it...

Unsplash via Pixabay
Declare drought a national disaster - AgriSA

AgriSA has called for the drought to be declared a national disaster, as commercial and emerging farmers watch the devastation unfold around them...

By Jenni Evans

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