Agriculture Trends 2018

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Halting deforestation: Striking the right balance between human and planetary needs

Rapid population growth accelerates global demand for forest products and services. On the other hand, the population growth also increases demand for agricultural production and converting forests to arable land...

23 hours ago

Lands committee to downsize farms
Lands committee to downsize farms

Zimbabwe - Mashonaland Central's Mazowe District lands committee resolved to identify large and underutilised farms for redistribution...

By Fungai Lupande 2 days ago

#Budget2018: Impact of budget speech on SA agriculture
#Budget2018: Impact of budget speech on SA agriculture

LISTEN: A brief analysis of the 2018 budget speech and the impact it will most likely have on South Africa's agricultural industry based on the budgetary allocations, land restitution, water shortage, and...

1 hour ago

CIAT via
Science, politics and the quest to secure Africa's sustainable food future

Political experts have continued to raise pointed questions about the continent's food future pertaining to production processes, trade flows, sources of finance and, crucially, science and sustainability...

By Adam Sneyd 2 hours ago

San pioneer new farming techniques to achieve greater food security
San pioneer new farming techniques to achieve greater food security

They have been pioneering new farming techniques, unknown to them up to now, in order to make the community more self-sufficient...

1 day ago

UN warns of rising food insecurity across Africa
UN warns of rising food insecurity across Africa

About 224-million people are undernourished in Africa as climate change and conflicts heighten food insecurity across the continent, a top UN food agency official said on Monday, 19 February...

2 days ago

#Budget2018: Efficient use of public funds essential to optimise SA's agricultural output
#Budget2018: Efficient use of public funds essential to optimise SA's agricultural output

Budget speech should address some of the sector's challenges to ensure food security...

By Wessel Lemmer 3 days ago

The drought 'will slow growth'
The drought 'will slow growth'

Agri-services specialist Kaap Agri expects prolonged drought conditions in certain farming areas of the Western Cape to slow earnings growth in the first half of the financial year. Farmers are under pressure and cutting back on spending on their farms...

By Marc Hasenfuss 3 days ago

Tigana chileshe via
Fighting FAW: Guide to help Africa tackle Fall armyworm head-on

FAO has launched a comprehensive guide on the integrated pest management of Fall armyworm (FAW) on maize to help farmers, particularly smallholder farmers, in Africa faced with the relentless spread of the pest...

19 Feb 2018

Fall armyworm may spread throughout SA
Fall armyworm may spread throughout SA

Experts expect the Fall armyworm to spread across South Africa, with the possible exception of the Western Cape. FAW infestations have been detected throughout Limpopo Province's five districts, parts of Mpumalanga as well as the Eastern Cape...

16 Feb 2018

CIAT via
New banana variety to enhance productivity

Rwanda - A new variety of highly productive banana plants will be distributed to farmers starting next month in a bid to improve banana production and fight disease...

By Emmanuel Ntirenganya 16 Feb 2018

Sergei Andreichuk via
Initiative to support 3.5 million farmers launched

Tanzania - The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa has started an initiative to support 3.5 million small-scale farmers to sustainably transform their mode of farming to commercially viable and profitable...

By Rosemary Mirondo 15 Feb 2018

tookapic via
Bird flu wipes out R954m, SA turns to imports

Due to the avian flu outbreak, farms affected have had to cull all birds and recall and destroy all eggs. The decline in the production of eggs and chickens has resulted in SA relying on imported chickens to meet demand...

15 Feb 2018

Maaseares via
More Farmer Field Schools: Ongoing agricultural education needed to meet challenges

Demand across the world for Farmer Field Schools are increasing due to their ability to help smallholder farmers cope with complex challenges...

15 Feb 2018

Dr Mulidzi
Research finds treated winery wastewater can be used to irrigate cash crops

Results from ARC research have found that treated winery wastewater with chemical oxygen demand of less than 1,000 mg/L can be used for cash crop production, as it had no detrimental effect on the crop as well as the environment...

14 Feb 2018

pixel2013 via
Top 10 research projects in agri for 2018

A list of ten interesting and important agricultural research projects being started or completed in 2018...

13 Feb 2018

Connected Network in the battle to control plant disease in sub-Saharan Africa
Connected Network in the battle to control plant disease in sub-Saharan Africa

A ground-breaking project which aims to build a sustainable network of international scientists and researchers to tackle vector-borne plant disease that devastates crops in sub-Saharan Africa...

13 Feb 2018

How Nigeria's Thrive Agric is crowdfunding farmers
How Nigeria's Thrive Agric is crowdfunding farmers

Nigerian startup Thrive Agric is using a crowdfunding platform to provide farmers with the finance they need to grow their businesses and offer ordinary people the chance to invest in agriculture...

By Tom Jackson 13 Feb 2018

Jameserickuzwa via
Towards a food-secure Africa

"To achieve food sufficiency and turn the continent into a net food exporter, Africa must empower smallholder farmers, who constitute 70% of the population and produce 80% of the food consumed in the continent."

By Raphael Obonyo 12 Feb 2018

Francis Hannaway via
Transforming vulnerability into resilience: $1.06bn needed to rebuild agriculture, combat hunger in 26 countries

"Maintaining food production and rebuilding agriculture is fundamental to preventing loss of life from severe hunger and to provide a pathway towards resilience in the midst of humanitarian crises."

9 Feb 2018

Namibia faces fresh armyworm outbreak
Namibia faces fresh armyworm outbreak

"According to the data that was collected from pheromone traps on the number of Fall armyworm (FAW) moths, FAW is still around and as soon as the host plants are available the moths will start producing egg masses on the plant leaves..."

By Nuusita Ashipala 8 Feb 2018

Kuzkid via
€50m funding facility launched to support climate change adaptation and mitigation in SA

The funding, set to strengthen the capacity of farmers to prepare, adapt and become resilient to the impacts of a changing climate, couldn't be timelier given the challenges being experienced in the local agricultural sector...

8 Feb 2018

Bjvisser via  - Ethiopian farmer at work on his land.
Keeping up with climate change: Climate zoning as a tool to fight hunger

In countries around the world, farming households are facing the wrath of unpredictable climate patterns, especially in Africa where vulnerability is high...

By Ariong Moses 6 Feb 2018

Ancient grains become modern food
Ancient grains become modern food

Although the most common grains consumed globally are wheat, maize, oats and rice, ancient grains are making a comeback...

By Ursula Human 5 Feb 2018

CIAT via
East Africa leads in agriculture targets

East African countries are leading in implementing Africa's agricultural transformation policies. According to a report on the Malabo declaration, Southern Africa comes second...

By Victor Kiprop 5 Feb 2018

Princelee Ocheme via
Nominations open for the 2018 Africa Food Prize

The prize celebrates Africans who are taking control of Africa's agriculture agenda. It puts a bright spotlight on bold initiatives and innovations that can be replicated across the continent to create a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans...

1 Feb 2018

2DU Kenya 84 via
First Malabo Biennial Report: More needs to be done to address threats of climate change to farmers and food security

"The future of agriculture depends on the management of climate change. There is a need for national investments that are targeted at efforts that address the threats to food and nutrition security within the context of the changing climate."

1 Feb 2018

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Preliminary area estimates for 2018 summer crops

Less favourable rainfall and warm temperatures in the western producing areas over the past few weeks prevented producers from planting their intended area with summer crops...

31 Jan 2018

Tenisnaps via . Cassava farmer arranges his tubers in line while he waits for buyers.
Protecting cassava from disease? There's an app for that

Cassava is vulnerable to viruses and other plant diseases. A lack of infrastructure and engagement by trained plant disease experts with farmers means the farmers are not trained to recognise them in their early stages. That's why we set out to create a disease-recognition app...

By Amanda Ramcharan 30 Jan 2018

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