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Unsplash via pixabay
Budget cuts agriculture cannot afford

Minister Zokwana delivered the budget speech for agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. It needs to be kept in mind that a number of entities such as...

2 days ago

Scott Bauer via Wikimedia Commons - Bactrocera dorsalis
Status of Oriental fruit fly in SA

DAFF made an announcement on the national status of the Oriental fruit fly, an exotic fruit fly native to Asia previously described as an invader...

26 Apr 2016

New brining regulations to make chicken unaffordable
New brining regulations to make chicken unaffordable

New brining regulations will make chicken unaffordable and shrink the local poultry sector...

25 Apr 2016

Campaign to campaign: giving a voice to those affected by injustice
Campaign to campaign: giving a voice to those affected by injustice

The expected increase in the price of bread has been met with concern. We spoke to about their campaign against the increase...

By Cari Van Wyk 25 Apr 2016

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Can we feed the world and stop deforestation? Depends what's for dinner

It's a tricky thing to grow enough food for a ballooning population without destroying the natural world. And when I say a tricky thing, I mean it's one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced...

By Laura Kehoe 22 Apr 2016

More sustainably farmed products on local shelves
More sustainably farmed products on local shelves

UTZ, one of the largest sustainability programs for coffee, cocoa and tea in the world, has set its sights on more sustainably farmed products on local shelves...

Issued by UTZ 22 Apr 2016

Mother city hosts launch of Year of Pulses in SA
Mother city hosts launch of Year of Pulses in SA

The 2016 International Year of Pulses launched in South Africa at the Greek restaurant Mezepoli in the city of Cape Town and hosted guests such as...

22 Apr 2016

Noppasin Kortungsap via 123RF
Monsanto commits to agriculture in Africa

Since 2000, Africa's agriculture has been on an upward curve and Monsanto intends to remain part of this revolution. The progress, though obscured by the drought, has become possible...

21 Apr 2016

©udra via 123RF
People power campaign against bread price increase

SA is about to be hit with a bread price increase. The drought has forced Mzansi to import wheat from overseas, but because of a...

19 Apr 2016

DA to launch investigation into effects of drought on Informal traders, communal farmers
DA to launch investigation into effects of drought on Informal traders, communal farmers

The DA will be embarking on a fact-finding mission into the devastating effects of the drought on informal traders and communal farmers...

By Henro Kruger 19 Apr 2016

Digitizing agriculture and growing knowledge
Digitizing agriculture and growing knowledge

We spoke to Magnus Rambraut about how digitizing the industry can...

By Cari Van Wyk 18 Apr 2016

Food security efforts need to look beyond urban agriculture. Jane Battersby
Why urban agriculture isn't a panacea for Africa's food crisis

Urban agriculture is widely promoted as the solution to the growing problem of urban food insecurity in South Africa and in Africa more broadly...

By Gareth Haysom and Jane Battersby 18 Apr 2016

Green Monday Community Outreach
Green Monday SA empowers Philippi community with plant-based cooking

Green Monday South Africa is an easy, flexible and fun way to make a positive difference by encouraging people to eat and serve plant-based meals on Mondays...

13 Apr 2016

Getting back to beans
Getting back to beans

A centuries-old staple food which is healthy, nutritious, sustainably produced and an essential addition to a health conscious diet. Try this Pouyoukas 5 Bean Mix salad...

13 Apr 2016

LorettaLynn via pixabay
Getting seeds where it's needed

A promising opportunity for reaching smallholder farmers in developing countries with crops that can help them respond to challenges such as climate change and malnutrition...

12 Apr 2016

©Deyan Georgiev via 123RF
State dragging feet over drought aid in Western Cape - DA

The national Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the DA Western Cape government are locked in a wrangle over drought aid while farmers are reeling...

By Bekezela Phakathi 12 Apr 2016

©Miroslav Liska via 123RF_livestock_farmers
Lifeline for East Cape farmers

Eastern Cape farmers are being thrown a lifeline, with the government preparing to clinch a deal that will soon open the gates of Gauteng...

By Avuyile Mngxitama-Diko 8 Apr 2016

©Ivonne Wierink via 123RF
Social media opens agriculture conference to global audience

The GCARD Global Event taking place in Johannesburg will optimise its digital presence to include hundreds of thousands of agriculture minded people...

1 Apr 2016

What are pulses and why should you care?
What are pulses and why should you care?

Despite pulses being little nutritional powerhouses that should be included in our diets, not many people know what a pulse is...

1 Apr 2016

© Jozsef Szasz-Fabian –
Parched days coming

Nineteen years from now South Africa will be facing severe water shortages as demand outstrips supply despite planned government interventions, according to a study to be released today by the Institute for Security Studies...

By Shaun Smillie 30 Mar 2016

©Andrew Stepovoy via 123RF
New project helps African farmers address stresses in maize farming

CIMMYT and its partners have unveiled a new project - Stress Tolerant Maize for Africa...

23 Mar 2016

©goodluz via 123RF
Efficient feeding during drought

Precision feeding can take the sting out of a drought, according to Dr Chris Landman, a feed specialist and consultant. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports...

By Roelof Bezuidenhout 22 Mar 2016

©Carlos Edgar Soares Neto via 123RF
New irrigation technology key to water security

According to the SWPN-SA, better use of irrigation technology geared towards efficient water usage could save millions of cubic metres of water...

14 Mar 2016

©123branex via 123RF
Research Symposium to address current agriculture environment

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Senzeni Zokwana will deliver a keynote address at the first NAMC Research Symposium. The symposium is to respond to...

10 Mar 2016

©hecke via 123RF
Can agriculture in Africa sustain a nourishing rural non-farm economy?

Amid rising concerns about food insecurity and high expectations from agribusiness, policymakers have started to emphasise the importance of agriculture as a source of employment...

By Andries Du Toit 10 Mar 2016

Siegella via pixabay
South Africa says drought cost farmers USD1bn

South Africa's agriculture sector lost a billion dollars over the past year due to the worst drought in a century, the government announced. Poor rain saw the agriculture sector contract by 14 percent...

8 Mar 2016

©Gilles Paire via 123RF
How to adapt to beat crippling droughts

Right now, 14 million people across Southern Africa face going hungry due to the prolonged drought brought on by the strongest El Niño in 50 years...

By Julian Ramirez-Villegas 8 Mar 2016

USAID Africa Bureau via Wikimedia Commons
Warning against worsening El Nino-related drought

Southern Africa's unprecedented El Nino-related drought has triggered a second shock-year of hunger and hardship for poor and vulnerable people...

7 Mar 2016

Joint partnership to create Young Entrepreneurs in Silk and Honey
Joint partnership to create Young Entrepreneurs in Silk and Honey

icipe and The MasterCard Foundation has announced a $10.35 million commitment with the aim to create employment opportunities for young people through...

7 Mar 2016

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